Why Doesn't Android Recognize My SD Card When Computer Does?

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SD card which is also called memory card in a more normal language is used to store data when your phone's memory is exhausted. It is exactly like an external hard drive for smartphones. Though nowadays most of the Android smartphones come with huge data inbuilt storage, it's always a good idea to have SD card to extend the storage. Many of us use SD card to store movies, videos, and games since they are a bit heavier than normal photos and apps.


It is a boon for smartphone users, and personally, I love to have SD card with huge data storage capacity. But, many times, you may encounter with some SD card related issues on your phone, and the most common problem is your Android phone fails to detect the SD card.


There may be many reasons your phone doesn't detect the memory card. Keeping this problem in mind I am writing this post to list the reasons of not detecting the card, and also I am listing their fixes. If your SIM card can't be deteced in Android phone, check possible reasons here and try to fix it.

Reason 1: SD Card Is Not Formatted

There are times when your Android phone doesn't detect your SD card, and that may be due to misformatting or not formatted card.


SD Card Is Not Formatted


How to Fix: Mind that FAT32 format may not be detected by some phone models, so make sure you format your SD card accordingly. And, after formatting try reinserting the SD card and it will be detected. You can back up your Android data to computer before formatting your SD card.

Reason 2: SD Card Has So Much Dust On It

Dust may be the big reason of the SD card not detecting by your Android phone.


SD Card Has So Much Dust On It


How to Fix: If you face the issue, do check your SD card, clean it up well and try reinserting in the phone. Hopefully, it will get detected.

Reason 3: SD Card Slot Gets Squeezed

Many a time, we use non-original batteries after our phone's battery is not usable, and the problem with non-original ones is the size, they may be thicker than the original one. If you use such battery, the SD card slot may get squeezed, and SD card detection won't happen properly.


SD Card Slot Gets Squeezed


How to Fix: Always use original battery or even if you use non-original because of cheapness, always make sure the size and thickness are same as the original.

Reason 4: SD Card Is Infected with Viruses or Malware

We keep downloading various stuff on our phone or get data to our SD card from other computers or phones. There might be a possibility that the SD card gets infected with some nasty viruses or malware. Infected SD cards may or may not be detected by the phone. When you can't access to your Android phone, try Android data recovery program to restore data from Android internal memory and save to your computer.

SD Card Is Infected with Viruses

How to Fix: Remove the SD card from the phone, put it in the card reader, and attach to the computer, and with a good antivirus, clean all the threats. Now, reinsert it in the phone, I am sure it will now get detected in the phone.

Reason 5: The Phone Is Broken

Sometimes your phone when fell from somewhere a few functionalities stop working. There might be a possibility that it stop detecting SD card as well.


How to Fix: Send your phone to the company to get it repaired.


The Phone Is Broken

Reason 6: Battery Voltage

Some SD cards require stable voltage supply, and when you use a non-original battery there may be chances that their voltage supply is not quite stable, and this may cause SD card not detected by the phone. 



These are the most probable reasons the SD card doesn’t get detected by your Android smartphone. Moreover, there may be some other causes too. Hope these fixes help you out if you get into such issue. If you have any questions, do write in the comments, and we will try our best to help you with your problem.





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