How to Factory Reset Your Android Phone and Tablet

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If you have been using computers, you must know when your OS gets corrupted, or you get some issues that are not being solved, you format the whole hard drive including Windows file, and everything gets cleaned. In most cases, many issues like viruses, spyware, OS bugs, etc. are fixed by formatting.


Similarly, Android Phones when get some issues related to OS, or you want to clean your phone, you can format it too. However, it's called Factory Reset, and when you perform the reset, it erases all the data from your phone.


When You Need to Factory Reset Your Android Phone?

1). If any of your phone's function is not working properly or lagging, you should try factory resetting because in most cases this solves the issue. Last month, my Samsung Galaxy S4 got an issue in which the Home screen wallpaper automatically gets removed and was turning to the default. Then, I used Factory Reset, and the problem was solved.


2). If you want to sell your phone, you may not want to sell it with your data. So, you must do Factory Reset before you sell or donate your phone. Though the reset is enough, some experts can still recover the data using some data recovery tools, so you must need to encrypt your data before doing the Factory Reset.


3). If you are irritated with all the data stored on your phone, you may reset it to get your phone cleaned.


Why is it called Factory Reset?

The process of resetting is called Factory Reset because once you reset your phone, all the data on your phone are erased, and it becomes just like it came to you for the first time. I mean it is reset to how it came to you from the Factory, just like a new phone.

Part 1 : Perform Factory Reset Your Android Device from Settings Menu

You can find the Factory Reset option in the Settings of your phone. I am using Samsung Galaxy S4, and to find Factory Reset on this phone, you have to go to Settings first.


Factory Reset


Now, you will be taken to the next the next screen where you will see different tabs, tap on Accounts. Well, this article Samsung S4 as an example, There may be differences in the latest version including Galaxy S6, S7.


click accounts


You will see "Backup and Reset" Option there, as we said, factory reset will completely erase all of your content and settings on your device, so it's advisable to back up your important data. Tap on it, and you will be taken to the next screen shown below,


backup account


After everything is OK, then Tap on Factory data reset, and you will move to the next screen.


factory data reset


The screen tells you that all the data on the phone will be erased, and it also tells you in which apps you are logged in. There you will see RESET DEVICE button. Tap it and your phone will be Turned Off. It will take some time to get your phone Reset. Just wait for the processing. Once the Reset is done, your phone will restart. Now, you have to do everything like logging into your Google account, installing apps, etc. just like you did when you bought that phone from the store.


NOTE: This seems to be easy and simple, but did you think if your phone doesn't get booted up, and you have to do a factory reset, then? Don't worry; there is a way to do the Factory Reset even in this situation. You have to do it in Android's Recovery Mode, see how it works in Part 2.

Part 2 : Factory Reset Your Android Phone When Failed to Boot Up

To boot up your device in the recovery mode, you have to press a combination of the buttons on your phone. Remember that you have to do resetting using this method if your phone is not turning on.


Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
Samsung Galaxy S4: Volume Up + Home + Power


First, you need to release the buttons when your phone's screen turns on.


factory reset


Keep Scrolling using Volume UP and Volume Down Keys until you find Recovery Mode on the screen.


get into recovery mode



When you see it, press the Power Button which will restart the phone into Recovery Mode. Now you will see this screen on your phone:


Recovery Mode


Now, Press and hold the Power button and Tap Volume Up button, and you will be able to see the Android Recovery Menu there on the screen.


wipe data/factory reset


Select "wipe data/factory reset", using volume keys, and then tap the Power button to activate this option. Now you will see a screen asking for the confirmation for resetting. Just select Yes – Erase All User Data


reset to the factory state



Wait for few seconds, and your phone will be reset to the factory state. All your data on the phone will be deleted.


Note: The Factory Reset doesn't erase the data that resides on the SD card. If you have any confusion about it, you can remove the SD card before doing the reset. These are the two ways that you can use to do Factory Reset your Android phone. Let me know if there is anything I can help you.





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