How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

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In the world of Information Technology, everyone possesses at least a smartphone packed with features that you actually need. Due to the advanced features, those phones are called as Smartphones. Different operating systems are used in various phones such as iOS is used in Apple's phones; Android is used in different phones, etc. Android is the most used mobile operating system in this age. Even, I am using an Android powered phone only. I simply love it. Where smartphones are so important, what could be more dejected feeling than losing it?


Losing your Android phone can be a real nightmare. But, there are times that this sort of eventuality strikes you. Luckily enough, we have many options to find the phone back or at least a way to find its location.


In this article, I am going to tell you a few ways to find your lost Android phone. There come times when we drop our phone somewhere, or even put in some corner of our home and later unable to find that. For any such issues, technology has great solutions, and that I am going to talk about.


Method 1 : Find Your Lost Android by Using Android Device Manager

Google's Android Device Manager is a tool to track your Android phone or tablet. However, there are few requirements to be able to track your phone using this tool which.


Follow these simple steps

•    The phone should be connected to the internet.
•    The phone should be connected to your Google account.
•    Android Device Manager is allowed to track the location (This is on by default)
•   Phone's location option is On.

If your phone meets the requirement, you can easily track your phone using your Android Device Manager.


Here is how:


Step 1. Open Android Device Manager, you will see if the screen is your phone.


Android device manager



Step 2. Now you can first click on Ring, to make your phone ring so that if the phone is somewhere in your home (as per the location you see), you can find it easily.


Android is lost


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When you click on Ring, you will see the above message that tells you that your phone will ring at full volume for 5 minutes.


Step 3. If the phone is not nearby, that means it is lost somewhere; you can click on Lock which will make your phone locked so that no one else can you use your phone.


find lost Android phone


You can set a password and other details there as shown in above screenshot. You can write your phone number so that if a good guy found your phone, he may call and return your phone. But, chances are less. But, still locking is good instantly, and go try to find at the location that was tracked.


Step 4. If you are still not able to find, and you have to give up on your phone, then just click on Erase, and it will delete all the data from your phone. This is important because even if someone finds it, he cannot access your data since you deleted.


This is how you can track and try finding your Android smartphone using Android Device Manager.

Method 2 : Find Your Phone from Another Android Device

The above method is handy when you have a computer system but what if you don't have a computer? Or you are on the way, and you just lost the phone. You don't want to go home and try finding your phone first.


In such case, if you have a second Android device with you or any of you friends have it at that time, you can just go ahead, and install Android Device Manager App on that particular phone. Now, login to that using your email address with which your lost phone was connected.


login Andorid device manager


Once connected, repeat the method 1.


Alternatively, you can just open Android Device Manager in the phone's browser, log in with your credentials, and try locating your lost phone. In this case, you can use any phone whether Windows, iPhone or Android. Just there is the need for a mobile browser, and you will be able to access device manager through that and track your lost phone.



Wrapping up

I prefer tracking my phone using Android Device Manager only as it is an official tool of Google and it is safe. There are many other tools available online that may help you track and find your lost Android smartphone too; one of such site is that helps you track your phone. However, the basic functionality is same as device manager.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial to find your lost Android smartphone. If you still have any problems, do let me know I will try my best to help you out.




Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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