How to Use HTC Sync Manager to Back up and Manage HTC Phone

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As a phone user, We all want to move our sensitive content back to computer for safe keep and we know people always transfer, backup and restore their Android device to a PC in traditional way, that's USB cable and MTP. However, MTP can be finicky and doesn't always work, and required drives to be installed on your computer, this is not a ideal solution to sync files.


If you have an HTC Smartphone, you should be aware of the HTC Sync Manager. As the name itself indicates it is a free software that can be used by HTC users to sync their files between a computer and their HTC device. The HTC Sync Manager lets you manage your Smartphone through the computer. The software is supported both on Windows and Mac operating systems.


Part 1: Use HTC Sync Manager to Backup and Restore HTC Files

STEP 1. Installation

As we stated it before, HTC Sync Manager is available both on Windows and Mac. Installation should not be an issue. The HTC official site has well-programmed installers for the Sync manager. You will just need to download the HTC Sync Manager from HTC website. Launch the application installer and the software will be installed with ease.


Install HTC Manager


Just in case you face any issue in installing the software, close all your programs and attempt installing it again. You may need to disable your antivirus program as well. Once the application is installed correctly, you can connect your phone, and the tool will launch as soon as your phone is detected.


connect your HTC phone



STEP 2. How to Back up and Restore HTC Files

Backing up your device is a good idea to take care of your data to avoid any loss of data. It secures your data in case of it losing in the future. You can always restore the data if you have a backup.


Follow the steps below to back up:
1. Connect your phone to PC and click on Home -> Transfer and Backup.
2. Under the Backup and Restore menu, choose what to backup and the location for the backup.
3. You can also choose if you want secret keys for your backup files.
4. Click on Backup Now.


backup and restore HTC phone

If you want to restore from a previous backup, here are the steps to follow.

1. Follow step 1 as above.
2. Under Backup and Restore, choose the backup you want to restore. You may select additional information from the ones provided.


select a backup

3. Click on  Restore Now. You may need to enter the password if you have set one.

restore from backup 


That is a great feature that will help you if you are shifting from an iPhone to an HTC or manager your HTC phone. The software does promise to do that. However, using it was not a successful task.


The program can transfer some necessary files between your iOS run phone to an Android, but there are issues like missing data, inability to connect and corruption of the original data. We would advise you against the usage of HTC Sync Manager for transferring the data between an iPhone and HTC. But I suggest you try Mobiledic Android Manager to do that.


Part 2: Alternative to HTC Sync Manager - Mobiledic Android Manager

But in fact, there are many times your phone can't be connected successfully even you installed the drivers. So, we'd like to recommend another amazing alternative to HTC Sync Manager is Mobiledic Android Manager application, It is desktop application which helps your manger your HTC phone and other phone and back up and restore everything immediately.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Download and Install the Program and Connect Your Phone to PC

After installation launch the Android manager on your computer, you will see there are two option for manage your phone: iSO and Android. Here you need to select "Backup&Restore" option and next.


backup android and restore


Step 2 Recognize Your Phone, Select One-Click Backup

The program will recognize your Android device, and analyze everything and settings stored in your device.  Android Manager brings together a number of tools like Data Recovery, Phone transfer, Android Root, Send messages.etc. To back up your Android phone, just click "One-click" backup button. You can also individually transfer messages from Android to PC.


main windows of Android manager


Step 3 Start to Back up Your Content to Computer

After you clicking the One-click backup button, the program will start to back up all content on Android to your computer and save as an  specific format.


scan the Android sms


Step 3 It's Very Simple to Restore from Previous Backup

To restore your previous backup, just click " Super Toolkit"  tab and select "Restore" button in the Essential section. Find the "Restore" feature and click it. The program will scan all content in the backup files and lists the data on the right column, then choose the contents you want to restore to your device.


Restore from Previous Backup



Well, we guess the basics of using HTC Sync Manager should have been clear to our readers now. And Mobiledic Android manager is also a best alternative to HTC Sync manager tool, it can do everything that HTC Sync manager can't do. Do share your views if you have used the Sync manager. We would welcome your opinions and would want to explain queries if any.





Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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