How to Install and Move Apps from Storage to SD Card on Android Phone

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Though high-end Android smartphones now come with huge internal storage, we usually run out of space most of the times because the apps we install and download multiple stuff from the internet, all are stored directly to the internal storage.


We all have one external storage device attached to our phone which is called SD card. Most of the phones allow more than 32 GB expandable memory which means you can use an SD card with 32 GB or more storage. And, when you have so much space on your SD card why not move some data from internal storage to it? In general, spaces are occupied by the apps, so we can do one thing to free up space on internal storage, and that is we can either move apps to SD card or directly install apps on SD card.


I am mentioning a few ways below to do the same:

Part 1: How to Move Apps from Phone Storage to SD Card

When we install any apps from Google play store, by default it is saved to the internal storage of your phone, but since you want to free up space from it, you can move all or a few apps to SD card.


To do this, go to your Android phone's Settings => Application Manger You will see the list of apps there, tap the app you want to move, and you will see this screen:


Move Apps from Phone storage to SD card


And, you are done! Tapping it will move the app to SD card. The app will be working perfectly just like it worked before.

Method 2: Format SD Card as Internal and Move Apps

This method might not work with lower versions of Android. It works perfectly fine with Marshmallow. If you are using Marshmallow, SD card is allowed to be used as Internal storage. Moreover, you need to set things up to use it as a part of internal storage. Once it become a part of internal storage, apps can directly be installed on it.


To do this, follow below steps: Insert the SD card to your phone, and you will see notification like this:


Move Apps to SD card 


You have to click on Set up to move further. Moreover, if you don't see the notification, you need to go to Settings => Storage & USB Then select the SD card:


select storage or USB


Then go it setting, and tap on Format as Internal, and tap Next


Format as internal


Tap Next. It will now prompt you to format the SD card. Make sure there is nothing important there on the SD card, and format it. After the format process will be completed, you will be asked if you want to move phone's data to SD card. Tap on Move Now which moves photos, videos, and some apps to SD card, and also it selects the SD card as the preferred storage location for all apps.


Move app to new storage


All set! From now, whenever you will install a new app, your Android OS will intelligently decide the preferred location to install the apps.

Part 2: Move App from Internal Memory to SD by Android Manager

The third method I am going to tell you is using our software Mobiledic Android Manager which you can use to export all the apps from internal storage to SD card without much effort. This software is not only for moving apps rather it is a software that can manage everything on your phone so well that you would love to have this software with you.

Mobiledic - Android Manager
  • Directly back up Android data to PC completely with one click, and restore from backup to your phone anytime.
  • Manage your contacts, messages, files on computer and sync to your phone automatically.
  • Export your text messages to PC and save as .xlm or .txt file to PC and export to smartphone as well.
  • App Manager feature allows you to download, install, move, backup app.
  • Support 2000+ device like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony and more.


You can download the trail version below and try to move app to your SD by yourself.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Download and Install the Program and Connect Your Phone to PC

Fist of all, you need to download and install the program on your computer, run it. You will see there are two option for manage your phone: iOS and Android. Here you need to select "Android" option and then connect your Android phone to computer via USB, your phone will be recognised quickly.


select mode


Step 2 Select Your App and Start to Move to Your SD Card

Now, The software will recognize your Android device, and analyze all content stored in your device. Click the "App" on the left, it will detect and list all the apps that already installed on your device. Then you should to select the app you want to move from phone's internal memory to your SD card, click Move to SD Card button.


move app from phone to SD



I am sure you would find these methods handy, and love to try out. Though Method 1 and Method 2 are pretty good, I would highly recommend using Mobiledic Android Manager because it is one-stop solution for all your phone management stuff.





Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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