How to Manage Android Contacts on Windows or Mac Computer

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Contacts are one of the most important assets on a phone, especially those days which smartphone plays a big role in our daily life. It's not an easy job to keep the contact list clean and organized when you are preparing to do it on s screen-limited device. You need to fill several lines to add a contact and from my own experience, typing on a small space is really hard. Let say, it would take hours to add 100+ contacts if you chose to finish it manually. As far as I know, there are much better options out there in regard of contact management for Android phone.


Mobiledic Android Assistant is the tool I recommended in here and will use it for demonstration in the following tutorial. It provides a simple and clean user interface to let users manage their contacts on a computer with a mouse, which we are all comfortable with it. Most importantly, it saves a lot of time and effort than we did the same thing on a phone. This program is not only a valid contact manager; it's also a great choice for other kinds of managing tasks, such as sms, photo, app or media library. It's one of the best Android device manager apps I came across so far and it has been my favorite since 2014. Below is a list of tutorials I will introduce in this article.


Supported Android Brand:

Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, HUAWEI, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Google and many more.



1.Download and install the program on your computer.

2.Turn on USB debugging on your Android phone.



Windows version
Mac version

Part 1. How to Import Contacts to Android

When you got a new Android phone, the first thing is to import contacts to the phone, so you can call the contact as wanted. There comes two options: import from cloud services or import from a file. If you use Gmail, Outlook or iCloud, then you can easily export the contacts to a CSV or VCF file. And then follow the steps to import them to your computer.


1. Navigate to Contacts from the left sidebar;

2. Click Import/Export from the top;

3. Select an import option from the drop-down list;

4. Start importing contacts to Android phone.


import Android contacts to computer


Part 2. How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

It would be an annoying thing when duplicate contacts was found on the phone. Sometimes it makes you confused. And don't know which one is the right. So avoid this issue in future, removing the duplicates is necessary. Android Assistant offers a 1-click option to delete those duplicates.


1. Move to Contacts option of the program;

2. Click De-duplicate from the upper menu. Then this program starts to find the all duplicated contacts on the phone and delete them after scanning;


Part 3. How to Edit Contacts on Android

When someone changed their number in your contact list, you need to edit the contact to keep it up to date. This is hard to do on a phone but with the program, it's super easy to complete the task.


1. Click Contacts from the sidebar; All the contacts will be shown on the middle;

2. Select the contacts you wish to edit;

3. Fill the necessary information and save. edit contact on Android

Part 4. How to Delete Multiple Contacts on Android

Deleting multiple contacts is complicated on a phone. However, it can be quite easy by using this amazing Android Manager app. The delete contacts will be gone on your phone. You should be very careful about this operation.


1. Select the contacts you planned to delete;

2. Find the Delete button on the top menu bar;

3. Click Delete and confirm the operation by click ‘Yes'. A while later, all the selected contacts will be deleted permanently.


Part 4. How to Export Contacts to PC for Backup

Contacts backup is important, which will save your life when you wrongly deleted the contacts. As we mentioned earlier, the program also offers such a function to help user back up their contacts to computer.


1. Click Contacts option from the left sidebar;

2. Choose Import/Export from the menu;

3. Select Export Contacts to Computer; 7

back up Android contacts to computer


Lots of people today lead a mobile lifestyle not because they move a lot but simply because their mobile phone greatly affects their personal and business life. Persons who use their mobile phone for their personal contacts and business deals will have lots of stored data in their devices, with many of them needed for future references that deleting them has become out of question. However, everyone knows how huge amount of data stored in a device can slow it down; hence, it becomes necessary to reduce the load by deleting some files, including your contact lists. But what if almost all your files are too important to delete especially your contact list?


One good way to make more room in your device without losing information is by moving your data to your personal computer. Creating a back up for your very important files is one good way of ensuring that safety of important information stored in your device. Mobiledic Android Manager is your best solution to problems related to managing and controlling your device. It is versatile and can do a lot of things to help you manage your data. It makes keeping your data updated, organized, and your device optimized. Keep a back up f all your files, especially our contacts to make sure that all information you need is just a few clicks away from you. Transfer your favorite music and other entertainments to your personal computer wit

Windows version
Mac version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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