How to Back up and Restore Android Phone on Computer

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Android is one of the dominating mobile operating systems today. This is the most popular OS for high technology devices because it is convenient, affordable, and customizable. Even with its amazing features, device running on Android do not have security updates and doesn't offer a native backup service. This results to security vulnerabilities, which is why you should backup and restore your Android device through your computer, especially some important information need to be backed up. So, if you want to secure and optimize your Android device, do you know how to do so? Here, we will guide you on how to manage, backup and secure your Android device through your computer.


Mobiledic Android manager is awesome Android desktop management software that can perform different functions including , backup, restore and exporting messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, and other files all in the same location with just one button push. You can manage the growing apps and files in your Android device by backing up and restoring these through your computer.


Through the backup and restore feature of Mobiledic Android Manager, you can import all your essential and critical data from your Android device to your desktop. You can use this feature to root your Android device so that you can unlock all its amazing features that are normally not allowed by the manufacturer of your device. In case you lose your files from deletion, corruption, or any other causes, you can rely of the toolkit to restore all of these. For an added layer of protection for your privacy while sustaining efficient management of the elements of your Android device, this toolkit has high utility.



You can download the trail version and give it try.

Windows version
Mac version

Part 1: How to Back up Your Android Phone to Computer

Step 1 Download and Install the Program and Connect Your Android to PC

Firstly, free download the program on your computer, Windows and Mac version are now avaiable. Then install and run it, you can choose to connect your Android device to a computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. In the main interface,


backup android and restore


Step 2 Recognize Your Device and Select One-Click Backup

When the program runs, the operating sytem will detect and install the phone driver automatically, it may take some times to findish the process and don't disconnect your device. Once the driver is installed successfully on your computer, the program will recognize your Android device and scan all content on the program.


To back up your Android to PC, just click "One-Click Backup" on the main screen.

main windows of Android manager



Step 3 Start to Backup Your Android Device

After you choosing One-Click Backup, a windows will pop up asking you to specify a save parth for the back files. By default, all contents will be automatically selected, you can uncheck the conent you don't want to back up.


Note: The backup file will be saved at C:\Users\Administrator\My Documents \Wondershare\MobileGo\Backup by default, you can also change a new parth to save your backup files.


scan the Android sms

Part 2: How to Restore Your Android Device from Backup

Once you have backed up your Android device successfully, backup files will be saved on your  hard disk in a special format. You can restore them anytime you want. The restoring process can be as simple as backup process. What you need to do is choose "Restore from Backups" in the Super Toolkit tab and click "Restore" to put them back to your Android device. Rest assured that no data will be lost.


Step 1 Run the Program, Connect Your Android Device

When your run the proram, in the primary window, go to Super Toolkit tab and select "Restore" button in the Essential section.



Step 2 Start to Restore Android Phone from Backups

Then the restore widnows will pop up asking you to choose a backup file you want to restore. After improting the backups to program, the program will scan all content in the backup files and lists the data on the right column, then choose the contents you want to restore.


Please don't disconnect your Android device during the whole process.


With the toolkit, you can optimize the use and function of your Android device. You can boost your phone speed, clean unnecessary files, and even connect your Android device to your computer wirelessly. All of these are possible with just a single push of a button.


The Android Manager is a convenient toolkit for Android devices. This improves the functionality and utility of your smartphone, tablet, and other device as you manage, backup, restore, and connect it through your desktop. If you have any concerns or queries about this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Windows version
Mac version



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