How to Completely Delete Everything from Android Phone & Tablet

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If you are planning to sell your Android phone to someone, you will want to make sure that all your data is wiped clean. Deleting files manually from Android phone is not the right solution. You need to make sure that every bit of data is unrecoverable. Let's have a look at different methods to erase data from your Android phone.


Method 1: Simply Delete Everything from Android Phone (100% Recover)

If you just need to remove the everything from your Android phone, you can use this method. However, remember that it does not delete everything completely and it may still be recoverable. In case you are not planning to sell the phone, but you simply need to clear everything so that you can start afresh with your phone, this method must suffice.


delete data on Android


You can delete the files one by one on your phone or follow these steps:

1) Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.
2) Wait for a few seconds for the computer to detect your phone.
3) The internal storage and SD card both will appear as external drives on your computer. For instance, if you have Windows computer, you can go to 'Computer' (or ‘My Computer' for XP and earlier versions.) You will see a phone icon. Double click it to see the storage listed as drives.
4) Now, you can right click on the storage you wish to delete. Choose format, and simply format the drive.


NOTE: Remember that this method may not necessarily work as some of the files may still be in use by your Android phone. someone can use a data recovery program in order to find or locate deleted files even after a factory data reset or deletion. Moreover, it could turn your phone into brick. This is why it is best to use other methods we have outlined below to ensure proper wipe.

Method 2: Factory Reset Won't Completely Erase Data (100% Recover)

Factory reset, supposedly, wipes the device clean and makes it safe to hand over to a stranger (in case you are selling it.) If truth be told, there are gaping loopholes in this method and thus there is more you need to do than just factory reset. We will talk about it later. Let's first take a look at how we can do the factory reset.


factory reset on Android


Before you factory reset, it would be a great idea to encrypt the data. By doing so, the data on your phone will be scrambled and, in order to unscramble it, a key will be needed. So, this makes your phone and data pretty much unrecoverable even if factory reset doesn't wipe it all.


Again, the steps may vary slightly depending upon the phone model. For instance, certain phones have Backup & Reset option in Additional Settings in the Settings menu.



NOTE: Is A Hard Reset Enough? -- NO


Does performing a hard reset actually guarantee that your information is gone for good? The answer is "NO", it didn't actually delete all of the data from your phone and still remain. There are many professional Android data recovery can easily recover them. Another big problem with this method is that even if you encrypt the data, an expert may be able to break the code and steal your information. If you wish to be completely sure that the data is fully unrecoverable, you can use Android Data Eraser.


See how data recovery progarms scan and recover your data after facotry reset.


Are you surprised to see the scanning result? Once the data was scanned, the data can be recovered to computer with one click.

Method 3: Completely Erase Everything from Android with Android Data Eraser

If you plan to sell your old Android phone, you must first make sure all your private data and already deleted data are completely wiped from your device. Also don't  only rely on simple deletion button and factory reset, deleting data just means forgetting the "address" of the data in question, so the data themselves still exist on somewhere in the memory.


Here we highly recommend using SafeWiper Android data eraser program to erase everything from Android phone or tablet. This Android Data Erase uses the Military algorithm to destroy private data completely. Everything that is there on your Android phone is totally removed and rendered absolutely unrecoverable.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Download, Install the Program, Connect Phone to PC

First of all, you need to download and install the Android Data Wiper on your computer, then connect your device to PC via USB drive and run the program.

Connect Phone to PC


Step 2 Choose the Wiping Option

Don’t forgot to enable USB debugging in your device. When the program identifies your device successfully, it will shows three erasing options for your choice, just choose "Erase All Data" then next. This option will wipe everything on your Android phone.


Choose the Wiping Option


Step 3 Confirm to Wipe Your Android Phone

After clicking the Erase button, the program will deeply scan all data on your device, then a window will pop up asking you to confirm the erase by typing "Erase" word in the box.

Wipe Your Android Phone


You can also select the security level by clicking Settings button, it gives three wiping level with diffident algorithm, we generally recommend choosing Medium Level.


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Step 5 Start to Wipe Your Data on Android

Before erasing your phone, it’s highly recommend to create a backup for your important data. Now, click Erase button to wipe your Android phone, it will take some time to finish the erasing progress, please wait and keep the phone always connected to your computer.

wipe Android phone


This product features several models to wipe your Android phone. Whether you wish to delete the junk files, cache, or invalid files, Android Erase will do it all for you. Once Android Erase deletes all the files from your device, it overwrites it with junk data. Junk data is the data that has absolutely no meaning and when someone tries to recover the information from your phone, they will get the useless piece of data.

Windows version
Mac version


There are a few ways to wipe everything from your Android phone. Simple delete, factory reset, however, is something you must not go for, especially when you need to give the phone to someone else. Factory reset is safer but not the ultimate solution. Use Android Erase to remove everything from your Android phone and have the peace of mind that it will never be recovered.




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