How to Transfer Contacts/SMS/Photos from LG Phone and Samsung S7/S6

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It is amazing the speed with which new products are released. Just bought the latest model cell phone and already we find that the brand has announced the launch of the next, the worst is that we have become totally consumerist people and we want everything. Changing the Android phone is not something new for us, as it is fabulous when we update our Android system and get a new Android phone is more fantastic, but the only thing to worry is, how to transfer files like contacts, messages or photos?


If you are thinking about buying a LG or Galaxy S7, you may well not want to lose the information you have in your current Android device. If this occurs is a nuisance for the time it takes to put "up" the new model, and usually ends up losing some information by mistake. Transferring data between the two platforms is easy and necessary. All you need is a Phone Transfer application and a computer. This smart program is allowing easily transfer from the device information is taken to a new one. So, no file is lost and what is more important.


However, you can transfer large amount of data such as contacts, calendar, photos, music, messages from LG to Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. What makes this application more attractive is that it fully support with the different operating systems like Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Nokia. So it offers maximum compatibility.

Mobiledic - Phone Transfer
  • Simple yet effective solution for transferring everything between Symbian, Android, iPhone and Blackberry.
  • Complete contacts transfer including job title, email addresses, company name, etc.
  • Support all type files: contacts, messages, photos, call history, whatsapp messages, etc.
  • Supports 6000+ Devices including LG G2/G3, Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge, S6, S5, S4 or Note 4, Note 3.


Users can directly download it below and see how it works:

Windows Version
Mac Version

Tutorial: Transfer Contacts/SMS/Photos from LG to Galaxy S7/S6

Step 1 Install and Run Phone Transfer, Connect Two Phones to PC

To try this program, first you have to download and install it on your computer ( Windows or Mac). After installation, connect your LG and Galaxy S6/S7 phones to a computer through two USB cables.


Then the main interface window will pop up, select "Swith" option and click "Start".

Mobiledic LG to Samsung Transfer


Step 3 Select Data You Want to Transfer

After your devices recognized you will get a device as source and other should be destination, however, no need to change the connection if you have wrong phone as source or destination, there is a "Flip" option, just press it to switch the Android devices. Then select the file you want to transfer.


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move lg data to Samsung S6


Step 4 Start Transferring Data from from LG to Galaxy S7/S6

Now, just mark the files you want to copy and click "Start Copy" button and here you go, you have to care that both the USB cable connections are stable during the process of transfer. If you need to clean all the data on your destination phone before transferring, just click Clear data before copy option.


It will take you seconds to finish the process, when the transfer is finishes, click "OK" button.


Start Transferring data from LG Android Phone to Galaxy S7


Well done, everything you transferred will be  stayed exactly as it was, don't be afraid of data loss or device crashed. with program each tab runs as a separate process, so the applications should be more stable and secure.


Now, just download the trail version and try to copy contacts, sms from LG to Samsung Galaxy by yourself.

Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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