How to Print Out Text Messages from Android Phone

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Text messaging has been an inalienable part of a cell phone since mobile phone was first invented. Although, more functions are consistently added to the latest models, text message still plays significant role in our daily life for cell phone owner. As one-to-one communication channel, text messaging is an ideal way to keep our conversation private, unlike instant message services or social networks which make our privacy public accessible. There are some cases that we need to print the certain important messages for reference or as a backup. This isn't gone to happen as we all know that Android does not have a print option for text message. To print the text message on Android phone, it needs some desktop tool involved in to make this task easier.


Mobiledic Android Manager is an all-in-one device managing tool targeted for Android phone users. It has a powerful built-in SMS tool to help you manage text messages effortlessly, including copying message to clipboard, importing or importing messages to computer, even reply and delete messages, all of the tasks are done on your computer, which is more convenient for most users.


This program supports both Windows and Mac OSX with a wide range of previously published versions, including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and OSX 10.9/10.8/10.7.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Print Android SMS on Computer

Step 1Free Download and Install the Program

Download and install the Mobiledic Android Assistant on your computer. It supports both Windows PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP) and Mac OSX (Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard). Choose the right one from the download link. The installation goes pretty simple with the default wizard. A desktop icon will be created after installation.


Click "Transfer" tab to open the transfer page:

Android manager tool


Step 2 Install USB Driver and Enable USB Debugging

Double click the shortcut of program to run the program. It takes a few seconds to detect your device. After that, it asks you to allow USB debugging on the Android device and automatically install USB driver, then press OK on your device's home screen. Check Always allow from this computer, then this warning message will be disappeared next time opening the software.


main windows of Android manager


Step 3 Detect and Analyse Text Messages and Other Data

Select SMS option located at the left navigation bar of the main screen. All of the sms messages on your Android phone will be listed on the center of the window. Click on the message you'd like to print and Choose Import/Export on the top menu bar to transfer the text message from Android to your computer. You can export selected or all messages, which option is right for you depending on your own choice.

scan the Android sms


Note: If you just want to print a single message, then select the message with your mouse and right click to copy this message directly. Save it to a local file on your computer. Set this app as the default SMS app if your device is powered by Android 4.4.


Step 4 Select and Export SMS

There are two export options available from the software: txt or xml. Choose txt this time as xml has additional codes besides the message content, which is useless for the printing purpose. Open the exported file on your computer and print the text messages like normal printing task carried on your PC.



Your messages will be exported to your computer and save as XML and TXT format, then you can connect your printer to computer and start to print your Android messages into a paper.


The entire process is quite simple if everything is followed by the above guidance. Besides text printing, the Mobiledic Android Assistant also offers other useful functions, like contact management, one-click backup, rooting, media conversion and iTunes integration. It's a smart desktop app that every Android user should keep to facilitate their work efficiency.

Windows version
Mac version



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