How to Restore Lost Contacts from Android SIM Card

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SIM card, known as Subscriber Identity Module, is a tiny memory chip in mobile phone that saves important information about the device. We use it mostly for storing contacts so that we can still keep all the contacts even we change our phone. However, after losing sim contacts from your Android phone, what comes to mind at the first thought is how to recover those valuable contacts without missing a single item. The question is where to get the best and reliable data recovery tool occupies the mind until you got a perfect solution. There is no worse moment like this one. But with the improvement in technology, you have no reason to worry any longer. Android Data Recovery is the right solution to this problem.


Why choose Android Data Recovery? Because it has exceptional features that make it the best data recovery tool for Android. It helps you recover lost and deleted contacts, photos, messages, audio files, WhatsApp messages, video files, call history, documents and many more. It is an incredible recovery tool that supports over 2000 Android phones and tablets. What's more, the program gives users the opportunity first to preview the data in the scan result before starting the recovery process. Therefore, you opt to recover the items selectively depending on your needs. 

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Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android SIM Card

Step 1Install Android SIM Card Recovery Software

In order to recover contacts from the sim card, you need to download and install Android Data Recovery first on a computer. It can be a Windows PC or Mac computer. Then follow the installation wizard to complete the process. Click the desktop shortcut to open the program. Click "Recover" tab and Next..

recover messages on Android


Step 2 Connect Android Phone to the Computer

In this step, plug your Android phone to the computer with the USB cable. Android Data Recovery will detect your phone once the device is attached successfully. After that, the screen shows your device is connected. If not, then you should probably check whether USB driver is installed properly or not.


Step 3 Turn on USB Debugging on Android Phone

In default, USB debugging function is turned off almost by all the manufactures. You need to turn it on in our tutorial, as the program needs high authority to access the whole file system on your Android phone. In settings, navigate to About Phone section, and then tap Build Number 7 times, which will enable Developer Options, where you can turn on USB debugging.

turn on usb debugging on android


Step 4 Analyze File System on Android Phone

When the program recognized your device, click 'Start' to let it start analyzing contacts and other files on the phone. This will take a big long to complete, so make sure the battery is over 30%. And don't connect other Android device during this process.

scan android sim card


If your phone was rooted before, then a pop-up message will be shown on your phone, make sure tap ‘Allow ' to grant access to the program. When this is done, then back to your computer and click 'Start ' to begin the scanning process.


Step 5 Select File Type and Recovery Mode

In our case, we only need to restore contacts from our phone, so there is no need to recover other irrelevant content to save more time. As we mentioned about, this program is capable of recovering a lot of staff, make sure only contacts option is checked. Click ‘Next ' to the next section.


For text messages, follow this tutorial to retrieve deleted messages from Android.

check contacts as selected


After type check, you also need to choose a recovery mode. They are details about each mode on the screen. In this case, select 'scan for deleted files'. In short, standard mode only scans a portion of the whole device, which will be done quickly. The Advanced mode scans the whole device, which takes more time. Click 'Next' to let the program scan your Android phone with the previous settings.

select sim card  recovery mode


Step 6 Preview and Recover Lost Contacts from SIM Card

When the scanning is done, all the contacts will be listed in Contacts group on the left sidebar. You can preview each contact detail. If it was the right one you are seeking for, then check it. After selection, click ‘Recover ' button to start the recovery process. This time, it will be finished in a few minutes. Finally, select a folder to store those recovered contacts on your computer.

star sim card recovery


Mobiledic Android SIM Recovery is the best data recovery software on the market today. It recovers the lost files in over 550 formats from your computer storage safely, quickly and completely. As aforementioned, the software is a full solution to recover deleted data, formatted files including photos, videos, emails and documents. With the help of this recovery tool, you can get back all your lost data irrespective of how you lost them, whether it was by restoring factory setting, flashing the ROM, rooting or deleting.  


This program can be set in many languages including German, Japanese, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian according to you condition. No professional tech needed to handle the software; you only need to read and recover the data. It only involves three baby steps. No computer skills are required.

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Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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