How to Recover Lost Data from Android Internal Memory

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"Oh no! I've lost the data from my Android phone and I don't know how to get it back. How to restore those deleted data? " This is a common dilemma that can happen everyday from a variety of causes. There are quite a few different cases that you can lose your data on an Android phone or tablet. It would be deleted data accidentally. You may lose it due to a broken screen, a black screen, a severely damaged or dead device.


Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Internal Memory

However, there is no need to worry this too much. The majority of Android file types are recoverable with certain technical methods. These include, but are not limited to contacts, photos, video, audio, messages, call history, documents and music. There are a number of data recovery utilities when you search online. It will be confusing which is the best among the candidates. It would take hours to try out one by one. From my personal experience, Mobiledic Android Data Recovery is the program you should keep with if you need to retrieve deleted or lost files form any Android internal memory. From the following tutorial, you can check it out. Here is a list of HTC devices and file types supported by this program:


File Type: Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Video, Audio, WhatsApp and Documents. Android

Phone and Tablet Model: Samsung, Moto, LG, HTC, Sony, HUAWEI, XiaoMi, ZTE, OnePlus, etc.


As you can see from the above list, Android Data Recovery is capable of restoring a lost of file types. In the following example, we take photo recovery as an example. The steps are the same for other data recovery.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1Install Android Data Recovery on Computer and Connect Phone to PC

The program is a cross-platform program that works both on Windows PC and Mac OS X. Please Download and install the program on your own computer accordingly. The installation process is as simple as the common software installation. Then connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. Click "Recover" tab and Next.

recover messages on Android


Step 2 Turn on USB Debugging on Android Phone

The recovery needs high priority access to the internal system, so USB Debugging is required. Please enable this function on your Android device by following the on-screen instructions. The common case for this is: Settings-> About Phone-> Tap Build Number 7 times , then back to settings, and navigate to Developer Options, turn on USB debugging in there. Also you can follow this guide.

enable usb debugging on android


After USB Debugging enabled, your device will be recognized soon after it was attached. If not, make sure Android USB driver was installed.


Step 3 Analyze Deleted Files on Android Phone

Click "Start" to let the program start analyzing files and data on your device. Please note, if your device was rooted, then there is a pop up message on your device during this process, you should tap "Allow" or the recovery would be failed. Then back to your computer, click "Start " to let the program scan your device.

scan android phone


Step 5 Choose File Type and Scan Mode

There are so many types of files on your device, if you don't attend to recover all the files, then you should select the ones you wish to recover. This will save a lot of time. In this case, check Gallery and leave other options unchecked. Click the "Next" button to promote to the mode selection. If you need to recover deleted messages, photos or contacts from Android devie, just select it.


check deleted file types


There are three models available on the program. Each one has its own pros and cons, so please read the explanation carefully and choose the right one according to your own needs. After selection, click "Next " to start the file scanning process.


select data recovery mode


Step 6 Preview and Restore Deleted Files on Android

It will take a few minutes to complete the scanning process, which is largely depending on how many files on the device. The more, the longer. When the scan is done, all the photos are listed in Gallery category. You can preview each photo to check whether it's the right one you are seeking for. If yes, check it. After all the photos being selected, click "Recover " button to begin the recovery process. Finally, select a local folder to store those deleted photos.


star sim card recovery


You don't have to be a computer expert to use this recovery software. There are 3 simple steps involved in recovering your lost data. 90% of all Android device models and a variety of Android operating systems are supported. You'll get great results with nearly all Android products from manufacturers such as Motorola, ZTE, HT, LG, Sony, Samsung, Google, HUAWEI, and more. It is also compatible with Android v 5.1.1 and older OS versions.  


This unique Android data recovery software is guaranteed to be safe solution. It is recognized by users around the globe and provides the valuable function of recovering lost data that may otherwise be difficult to relocate. You get to check on the irrecoverable of your data and this is absolutely risk-free without obligation. This protects you from paying for a service that doesn't perform as expected. Regardless of how your data was lost, it is well worth your time to give this software a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Windows version
Mac version

Part 2: How to Restore Android Internal Memory Data from Google Backup

Google offers one of the most convenient ways to backup our mobile data into cloud server. If you do use Google Drive then you should be familiar with it and one of the top-notch features of Google Drive is that it automatically back up photos, apps, data, videos, and other data depending on your privacy settings. So, If you have synced your phone with Google then you can follow the below steps to recover the lost data.


Restore Pictures and Videos: In order to restore the videos and photos, first download the Photos app from Google Play Store if not already pre-installed in your device. Then, open the app and login to your Google account where you have saved the pictures. Next, select Photos icon and restore all the pictures that are already backed up or synced before losing the data.


Restore Files and other data types: To restore the files and other important data that you have already backed, first install the Google Drive app. Next, open the app to preview all the backed up files and folders. Google Drive usually stores all the files and data that you have chose to backup whether its music, videos, PDF files, documents, etc. You may then select all the files that you wish to recover and download them on your smartphone or PC.


Restore from backup data: If you are restoring messages, contacts, images, calendars and other file types that are stored in Android Data then you can simple reset the phone and after restarting it, you only have to input the Google account accounts and all the data will be synced with your phone automatically.


restore from google backup


Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Internal Memory Data with Android App

Indeed, Google Play Store has myriad Data Recovery apps but in this guide we will be using Recover Deleted Files by Dream-Studio to retrieve the lost data from internal drive. It can quickly scan the entire internal memory and restore the deleted/lost data back to your phone.


recover deleted files app


Well, it's extremely simple. Just go to Google Play Store and install the app on your phone. Next, launch the app and tap on "Scan Now", within few minutes the app will deeply scan all lost and deleted files on your phone and will let you preview them once finished. Select all the files that you wish to recover and finally tap on "Restore" to get them back. Easy as that.




Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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