How to Recover Deleted Contacts/Photos/SMS from LG Phone

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In this day and age, smartphone has become a device that we can't live without it. It's far more advanced now than it was a calling machine years before. We use it to send text messages and now it has become the most popular means of communication in terms of cost effectiveness, it is also the cheapest. We now use our phone to shot photos instead of big and heavy cameras in most of the cases. In one world, those photos/text messages/contacts are important asset of our personal treasure. So it's our duty to keep them in a safe place.


However, there are certain circumstances that those items were deleted by wrong operations or by accident. You could erase some of the important ones when deleting some spam messages and this could be a serious mistake especially if the message contains important information. Whatever the reason, you have to find a solution to recover those important content that stored on your phone. As far as I know, Android Recovery is the number one data recovery software to help you get back deleted text messages from LG phone.


Android Recovery is aptly named because like a doctor, it can help you recover deleted items in just a few clicks, including photos, text messages, photos, music and many more. When your phone connected to a computer that has the software pre-installed, it will detect and scan the whole device to make a full diagnosis. After that, it utilizes the patent-reserved technology to rebuild the deleted files and restore its from the original phone. Supported file types and models are listed below:


File type: Text messages, Contacts, Photo, Music, Video, eBook and Document

Model: LG G4/G3/G2, LG G FLEX, LG G Pro 2 and others

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Retrieve Deleted Data on LG Phone

Step 1Install Android Recovery on a Computer

Currently, the program works on both Windows and Mac OS X. Please download right version of the program from our site. And then install it on a computer with the default instructions. Double click the desktop shortcut to launch the program.

LG Android Recovery


Step 2 Connect Your LG phone to the Computer

Plug your phone to the computer with the USB cable and turn on USB debugging on your phone. When your device is recognized, the program will detect it and show the brief information on the main screen. Or you need to check the USB driver was installed properly or not.


enable usb debugging on android


Step 3 Scan and Analysis Your LG Phone

Click the Start button to let the program start scanning on your phone. This process takes a bit of time, as it needs to scan the whole storage system on the device, which depends on how many content and files stored on it. Please be patient and you can leave the computer alone during the process.


analyze LG android phone


Step 4 Select Target Content and Start Data Recovery

When the scanning process was done, the program will list all of the content and files found by itself and list them in categories as you can see from the left sidebar. What's more, you are able to preview all of the items to make sure whether it was your target or not. In default, it recovers the whole items. However, you can select the desired ones to save time. Finally, click the Recover button to start the real recovering process.


begin data recovery process


Make Android Recovery as a part of your mobile lifestyle and stop worrying about losing data on your cell phone. Use the software to keep back up for all contents of your Android device so that you can retrieve them and transfer them to your new device any time. All recovered files like videos, photos, and music retain their original features and quality so you don't have to worry about defective files. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and the company gives you money-back guarantee if ever you were not satisfied with its performance. 


Windows version
Mac version



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