How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phones & Tablets

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Nowadays smartphones are in the trend, and people use their phone for multitasking and not just for calling and texting. Most of the Android users keep their important photos, videos, and other data stored in their phone's storage which is good because they can access the data anywhere they go. It comes very handy when your data is stored there in your phone's storage. But, the smartphone is something that people use frequently, and there are chances that the phone gets some issues, and the data stored can be lost. There are chances that you accidently delete whole videos folder on your Android phone as well. Yes, it happens! I am guilty of it as I have deleted the complete folder of camera videos on my Android phone. Luckily those photos were not that important. But, you need to be careful because you never know when such accidents happen.


So, What to Do to Stay Safe in Such Situation?

The simplest suggestion I would like to recommend you is that you take backup of everything you keep in your smartphone. When I record some videos, I directly upload to my Dropbox account as I have its app installed on my phone. It is simple to have some storage app on your phone, and whenever some new data is there, keep it there too so that if you lose the data at some point, you can retrieve from there.


On Android storage system, if you delete a videos or other data from Android, you still have a chance to recover it because the file is never really deleted and Android just marks the space the file occupied as available for new data storage. So, if you have already lost the videos or other data and want to get it back, a data recovery application is required if you need to retrieve videos files which has been marked as permanently deleted by Android system. Mobiledic Android Data Recovery - it's an efficient tool to recover all types of data that are deleted from your Android, which enables users to recover videos and other data no matter how they got deleted as long as the files are not overwritten.


Take A Look at Core Functions of Mobiledic Android Data Recovery

Mobiledic - Android Data Recovery
  • Deeply scan and recover lost data due to the misoperations: delete, factory reset, flashing ROM, rooting, etc.
  • The ability to recover up to 17 types of files from Android phone & tablet's internal memory and SD card.
  • Support all type files: contacts, messages, photos, call history, whatsapp messages, etc.
  • Supports 6000+ Android Devices including Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge, LG, HTC, Sony and more.


You can download the trail version below and try to scan your lost videos from Android.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Restore Deleted Videos on Android Phones & Tablets

Step 1Install Android Data Recovery on Computer and Connect Phone to PC

Before beginning, make sure you're downloaded and installed the program on your computer successfully, then connect your Android device to computer using USB cable. Run the program and wait for while before the Android is deleted.


Note: If this is your first time you connect your Android to your computer, you may need to install the phone driver on your computer so that program can recognize your device.

 Android Recovery


Step 2 Turn on USB Debugging on Android Device

To let the program analyzes your Android phone's internal memory, the program will prompt you to enable USB debugging on your phone. There are three options. Please choose the one for your phone's Android OS. User can follow the check-in procedure described in the software interface or see this article to enable USB debugging.


enable usb debugging on android


Don't worry, enabling USB debugging will never damage to your device or  result in lost data. The program can be able to gain access to Android systems for scanning. 



Step 3 Let the Program Analyze Your 'Deleted Videos' on Android Device

Please turn to your device's home screen, and you will see a messages asking you to click "Allow", this will allow the scanning continue. Then back to your computer, click ' Start ' to let the program scan your device.

scan android phone


Step 4 Select the Appropriate 'File Type' and 'Scan Mode'

Before scanning, the program can let you determine which type of files you want to scan and recover, if you only want to retrieve deleted videos on Android, just check the Video in the program, there is no need to scan all type of files, this will reduce the scanning time. Then click the Next button. To recover deleted messages, contacts, just check them .


check deleted file types


Here you need to select the right scanning mode, Before you make decision, you'd better read the description carefully on the program. For the first scanning, we generally suggest choosing the Standard mode because it's fast and easy. Then, click "Start" After selection, click ‘ Next ' to start the file scanning process.


select data recovery mode


Step 5 Preview and Selectively Retrieve Deleted Videos on Android

In general, the scanning will be done within a few minutes, then all the deleted files and existing videos will be list on the program. You can directly preview and select the one you want to recover, then click the “recover” button to save them on your computer. You can also use the search function to fast search what you need in the scan result.

scan and recover videos from Android


Videos can be very important because we record video and keep them as memory. If we lose such videos, we feel very bad and feel like looted. But, software tools like Mobiledic Android Data Recovery are able to recover the videos, not only videos but other data can be recovered using this software as well.


Do you still feel unbelievable that deleted videos or other files can be recovered? I believe you will be clearer with the help of step-by-step instruction above, and download the trail version to have it a try.

Windows version
Mac version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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