How to Remove Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, or Password on Android

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"I forgot my lock screen pattern on my Android phone, tried many times but not succeed, it keeps asking for an email and i've typed, it's says Error. So, is there any way to get into it again? My device is running on the newest version of Android available for it. Thanks for your help!!! - Cindy Harkey "


Like Harkey. Many Android users wish to set up pattern lock or even password lock for keeping their private data like contacts, messages, and photos from being viewed by strangers getting hold of their phone. However, in some instances, the owners of the phones themselves forget the passcode that they gave to lock their screen. If the case happened to you, what should you do?


To unlock your Android device again, you need to reset the password (or PIN, pattern, etc), fortunately, there are two official methods of doing this: "Google Account" and "Factory Reset". The guide will be split into three parts for your reference.

Part 1: Unlock Android Screen Password with Google Account

Yes, you can unlock it with your Google Account and can restore Android data from the lock screen. But, when you wish to use the Google account for unlocking, it will be possible only when you have previously set and signed up Google account before the phone was actually locked. We assume that you've signed up Google account, then follow the steps below to remove screen lock.


Step 1: After you've tried many times, you will get a messages "Forgot pattern" on the lower left corner of your lock screen. Touch Forgot pattern.


Step 2: When prompted, you need to type your correct Google Account username and password you previously used to your device.


remove screen password with Google



Note: This method requires your device connect well with the Internet or you can't login Google account.

Part 2: Unlock Screen Lock Password with Android Recovery

If the the first option mentioned above doesn't work for you, don't worry, there is still legal but safe method to unlock your screen lock on Android device, this is possible with the help of Mobiledic Android Data Recovery tool, which help you unlock the screen lock without losing your data.


Take a look at how it works:

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Install, Run the Program and Choose 'Android Lock Screen Removal' Option

First of all, you need to download the this Android data recovery tool on a computer, install and run it, and go to "More Tools" > "Android Lock Screen Removal". At the moment, connect your Android to computer via USB cable.


Samsung Lock Screen Removal


Step 2 Start to Analyze Your Device

When this windows pops up, just click "Start" button to next. The software requires you to have the USB debugging enabled and chosen "MTP" mode in advance.


Remove Screen Lock from Your Galaxy


Step 3 Download Recovery Package

When your device enters into the download mode, it will begin downloading recovery package next. Just wait until it's complete.


Enter the Download Mode on Your Device


Step 4 Start to Remove Android Lock Screen without Losing Data

In the final step, you will bed asked to read the agreement before unlocking passcode. Then click Start button to being the task. Most often, the screen lock will be removed immediately without any data loss or device damaged.

start to remove password on Galaxy or Note


You can download the trail version and do it by yourself. It's easy and safe.

Windows version
Mac version

Part 3: Reset Your Samsung Phone to Factory Settings

Assuming the two methods above aren't the ideal solution for you, another available method is try to reset the PIN or password by performing a hard reset on your Android device. This isn't something you should undertake lightly because hard reset will completely wipe your device and you will lose everything stored on your device.  To perform a hard reset, you'll need to access Android's Recovery Mode, different phones have different specific key sequence, before start, you're better find the right specific key sequence for your device.


Here, we take Samsung galaxy phone as an example:


Step 1: Turn off your device and hold the volume up, home, and power buttons down simultaneously to enter Recovery Mode.


Step 2: Then use the Volume Down button to highlight the 'Wipe data/factory reset' option, and select it.


Step 3: After that, reboot your device, the password lock will be removed, but all your data will be gone forever.


hard reset your Samsung galaxy


Normally,  Resetting your lock screen password should be an easy job, but we recommend against using Hard reset unless you agree to give up your personal data. However, understandably, this is not the most desirable option.





Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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