How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp History on Android

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WhatsApp, one of the most frequently used apps on Android phone, stores a lot of our personal and important information. There are various cases that we just lost the messages. Perhaps you deleted it by accident or the system has crashed or got the device wiped out. Therefore, sensitive information messages or other data that is important to you was gone. This happens to a lot of people. Some will spend hours trying to figure out how to get their WhatsApp history back, but more often than not, it becomes a frustrating waste of time and effort.


It may seem hopeless, but it isn't. There is a reliable solution that can find and retrieve deleted WhatsApp history and messages. Mobiledic Android Recovery is highly effective for locating and recovering WhatsApp deleted messages and chat history.


The software has been carefully designed to work with nearly all types of Android devices, even for lower version Android phones and tablets. Engineers took the time and effort to make Android Recovery to be compatible with a wide range of different brands and models including Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony and the list goes on with compatibility with over 6,000 known android devices. There is no threat of damage to your phone with use of this Android recovery app because it leaves no harmful residuals that can cause damage. You are 100% safe when using it to recover your lost WhatsApp history from Android phone or tablet. The most reassuring aspect of using Mobiledic Android Recovery is that it comes with a free preview so you can check it out before making any commitment to purchase.  


Supported Android devices: Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE and more.

Supported Types of File: SMS, contacts, photos, videos, songs, WhatsApp messages, call history.etc.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp History on Android

Step 1Install and Run Mobiledic Android Recovery

This WhatsApp Recovery program is the first one, which works well on both Windows and Mac OS X. You can download the Windows version or Mac version directly from our site. Feel free to download and install the program on your computer according to your computer system.

 WhatsApp Recovery for Android


Step 2 Insert Android Device into the Computer

Connect your Android device to the computer via USB cable. When the device being attached, then there should a beep sound coming out, indicating the device is well connected. If not, then you should install Android USB driver instead.


Step 3 Turn on USB debugging on Android Device

USB debugging allows the device to communicate with computer programs via USB cable. However, this function is turned off by default. You need to turn it on to let the program scan and analyze your device through USB cable. In general, Go to Settings and navigate to About phone section, tap Build Number 7 times, which turns on Developer Options. Move to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging on there. Android Recovery has an on-screen tutorial on this issue as you can see from there, too.


enable usb debugging on android


Step 4 Analyze Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android Device

After doing step 1 to step 3, then your device should be recognized by the program. Click ‘Start ' button to let the program start analyzing your device immediately.

During the analyzing process, there will be a message popped up on your device if it was a rooted one. Make sure tap ‘Allow' on your phone. Then switch back to computer and click 'Start '.

scan whatsapp messages and history


Step 5 Select File Type and Scanning Mode

Android Recovery is able to retrieve different types of files on Android, in order to save time on this; we only need to check WhatsApp Messages & Attachment under file selection. If you choose more types, the scanning time would be increased dramatically. Click ‘Next ' to select a scanning mode.


For lost photos: How to recover photos from Android phone.

For lost messages: How to restore SMS messages on Android


check whatsapp messaging


There are two modes and 3 options listed from the screen. In this case, select 'Scan for deleted files' form standard mode. The scan takes around 20 minutes to finish, so please be patient.


whatsapp recovery mode


Step 6 Preview and Start Restoring WhatsApp Messages from Android

After all the settings and selection are done, the program starts to scan the files on your device. When the scanning is completed, all the scanning messages and chat history will be grouped into Messages category. Preview chat history and select the right one you wish to recover. At the end, click ‘Recover ' to begin the real recovery process.


star whatsapp chat and messages recovery


Losing important information can leave you with a sinking feeling. It can also create sadness or anxiety, depending on the type of content that was there. Even though it seems lost forever, the truth of the matter is that most deleted files are still retrievable for a period of time, if you know the right software to complete the process. This is why Mobiledic Android Recovery was created.  


You'll be amazed at the ease and speed of the process. There are just 6 easy steps to locating your WhatsApp history and getting it back. If you're anxious to get started, just click on the button below and you can quickly have the confirmation that your WhatsApp history is waiting for you to bring it back. Follow the steps and you will be finished in a short period of time.


Just download the trail version to scan your Android phone and try to retrieve whatsApp chat history on Android all by youself.

Windows version
Mac version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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