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Top 4 Android Rooting Tools, Root Your Phone Easily

In this article, there are top 4 Android root software highly recommended here , which enables you to root your phone or tablet via computer easily and safely. Read more >>>

Sep.21st 2016 at 19:14pm by Iris Bella

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How to Flash rom on Android Phone

We would simplify the process of installing a ROM for the benefit of novices in this field. Please follow the steps carefully. . Read more >>>

Sep.21st 2016 at 19:14pm by Iris Bella

Save Battery on Android Device

How to Save Battery on Android Device

There are lots of things you can do behind-the-scenes to make your Android battery runs last longer. Let's explore how to increase battery on your smartphone. . Read more >>>

Sep.21st 2016 at 19:14pm by Iris Bella

find lost Android phone

How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Andriod Phone

There are two ways to find your lost Android phone, one is try Google, it gives a result which will take you to our first method which is android device manager website. Read more >>>

Otc.12st 2016 at 19:14pm by Iris Bella

unlock samsung sim card

How to SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 -S7 wihout SIM Card

If you want to make your Samsung more flexible in any network, unlocking the phone could be the best option, take a look at this article to learn how to unlock Galaxy SIM card. Read more >>>

Otc. 21 2016 at 17:11pm by Iris Bella

unlock Android sim card

How to SIM Unlock Your Android Phone without Code

You get a new Android phone in USA, but the phone is locked and did not accept any SIM card in my country . Is there any software way to unlock the phone? Read more >>>

Otc. 24 2016 at 19:11pm by Iris Bella

HTC Sync Manager

How to Use HTC Sync Manager

When you get a new HTC Sync manager to manage your HTC phone ,but you may have no idea how to use HTC Sync manager. Is there something I need to do on the phone to make Sync Manager functional or alternative to HTC sync manager? Read more >>>

Otc. 28 2016 at 17:16pm by Iris Bella

Nokia to iPhone

How to Transfer Data from Nokia to iPhone 7

When you switch phones, like Nokia to iPhone, you may need to move large number of files from Nokia to iPhone. . This tutorial will guide the users through the process of transferring everything from old devices to new iPhone Read more >>>

Nov.16 2016 at 18:14pm by Iris Bella

transfer messages from htc to PC

How to Export Messages, Contacts from HTC to Computer

There are several ways to get a full sms or contacts backup safely for your HTC phone, check instructions on how to do in this article. You can found it so easy to to transfer messages, contacts or other data from HTC M8, M9 to computer, Read more >>>

Nov.16 2016 at 19:27pm by Iris Bella

SIM not read, how to fix

How to Fix "SIM Card Won't Be Detected in My Phone"

When you encounter the errors that SIM not detected in your phone, don't worry. Let us begin with the quickest and easiest way to solve the problem.  Read more >>>

Nov.18 2016 at 19:27pm by Iris Bella

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