How to Transfer Contacts/Messages from BlackBerry to iPhone 8/X/7/7Plus

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Considering of purchasing a new mobile device with a different operating system? Although you might be worried about transferring all your data from one phone to another, including saved contacts. If you were using blackberry smartphones, and now you will pass on an iOS device, it is understandable that you will need time to get accommodated with the new system. The only thing you have to fear is When it comes to move a mass of contacts lists from old Blackberry to iPhone device, in other words, it presents the challenge of finding the best way to copy all of your personal contacts or other data. So, before getting panicky or change your mind about purchasing a device with iOS.


Dear blackberry user. you should know that today there are software that will help you make the transfer extremity easily between your blackberry device and iPhone. Mobiledic Mobile Transfer is one of that software, which is designed especially for the people who want to try an entirely new device, with the safety of not having to lose messages, contacts, and other precious data from their old phone. Even music and videos you have on the phone will be safely transferred onto your new iPhone. So, as you can see, there is no reason to let go of the idea of getting an iPhone, just because you think that you won't be able to save anything from your old phone. All your contacts will be present on your new iPhone,


See what this Phone Transfer can do for you:


To help get you moved, here's how to transfer your contacts and text messages from BlackBerry to iPhone, you're allowed to directly download the program below and follow the tutorial.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Tutorial: How to Copy Contacts/Messages from Blackberry to iPhone

Step 1 Install and Run Blackberry Desktop

The first thing you will need is to download and install the Blackberry Desktop to create a backup for your Blackberry device. Then connect your BlackBerry to your computer using USB and launch it. In the main window, go to “Device” > “Back up” on the menu bar or click "Back up now".


Install and Run Blackberry Desktop



Step 2 Start to Back Up Your Blackberry to Computer

You can change the locations in the Back Up Options, then click the "Back Up" button to back up all data on Blackberry to your computer. The backup will be converted to a specific format and can't be viewed or modified.


Back Up Your Blackberry to Computer  


Step 3 Install the Mobile Transfer and Connect Two Phones to Computer

Download and install the Mobile Transfer program on your computer, at the same time, you need to connect your iPhone and Blackberry to a same computer. The program will automatically detect your devices.

Mobiledic mobile transfer


Step 4 Select the Mode 'Restore from Backup'

Once the program recognizes your device successfully, in the primary window, select the mode "Restore from Backup" and click it. You'll see the program supports the backup files that created by different tools. Here you ned to selec the "BlackBerry". The program will analyze all data stored in the Blackberry backup file you just created.

select the mode


Step 5 Start to Restore Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

The program will detect and list all the backup file you created before, just tap the drag-down list on the left, choose the latest BlackBerry backup file you want. After the analysis of your Blackberry backup file, you can see the file types in the middle of the program. Just selec the "Contacts" and click "Start Copy" to begin the task.

BlackBerry to iPhone


If all goes well, all of the contacts from your BlackBerry should move to your iPhone device. If you're planing to sell or donate your old Blackberry device to others, don't forget to erase all our sensitive information, it's not recommended to do a factory reset to delete personal data due to it can't completely erase data from device at all, instead, this Phone Transfer application did it, it can deeply scan all 'already deleted data' and 'exist data' from your device, then completely smash them.


In case the new iPhone is looking too attractive to refuse, you have no reason not to make the investment. You now know that there is software developed to help you with this transition, efficient and fast, without the risk of losing your contacts from your phone.

Windows Version
Mac Version



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