How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Computer

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Phone contact is a key asset for everyone who owns a mobile phone, which has been one of the most important gadgets that we can't live with. As an sale man, I must to take good care of the contacts as phone calls are the essential way to get me connected with my customers. It's a good habit to backup the contacts just in case if the phone broke or lost. The simplest way to backup your phone contacts is to write them down on a phone book one by one. However, this takes a lot of time and effort when the list is a bit too long. In such cases, it's much better to look for an efficient way to automotive the process by using some software.


Mobiledic Android Manager is an well-known Android contact managing tool that aims to provide a simple way to transfer contacts from Android phone to computer within one-click. It can also find duplicate contacts, add new contacts and edit existing contacts on PC. Below is a step by step guide.


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Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Export Android Contacts to Computer

Step 1 Download and Install Program and Connect Phone to PC

Download this contact backup tool from the following links. This software supports both Windows and Mac, please download the right one according to computer operating system. When the download was finished, double click the file to install the tool on your computer. It only takes 1-2 minutes to complete the installation process. Normally, an shortcut will appear on your desktop when the software installed successfully. Click "Transfer" tab and Next.


Android manager tool


: There are two parts of functions in the program. Select "Android" if you're Android user.


Step 2 Install Android USB Driver

Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. Windows will be automatically detect the device and install the correct driver for your Android device. If this process failed, please go to the official site of your Android phone to download the proper driver for the device. This time it takes a much longer time (3-5 minutes) as the size of USB driver is not small in this case.


main windows of Android manager


Step 3 Run the Program and Analyse Android Phone Data

Double click the desktop shortcut to launch the program. It will automatically detect your Android device if the driver is installed. Then it asks you to authorize the computer has the right access to the device, tap YES on your Android phone's home screen to get continued. This time, the software has all access to your Android device, including contacts, messages, music, videos and photos. The main screen as follows:


connect phone to pc


Step 4 Ready to Export Phone Contacts to Computer

Click the device name on the left column to unfold the hidden items. Then click the Contacts option, it displays all of the contacts stored on your device. Select the ones you want to backup, then click the Import/Export button, then choose export selected contacts to computer, supported export options included vCard file, Windows live mail, Outlook and Windows address book.


Note: If your want backup all contacts, please choose export all contacts to computer.


In a nutshell, the entire process is pretty easy by following the above tutorial. Besides contacts import and export, Mobiledic Android Transfer can also help your add new contact, edit existing contact on computer, which is a great plain when doing the same tasks on Android phone.

Windows version
Mac version



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