How to Transfer Contacts/Messages from Windows Phone to iPhone 8/X/7

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"If anyone has successfully transferred lots of contacts, messages, photos from Windows Phone to new iPhone 7 Plus and is willing to share how you did it, I'd really appreciate it." - user asked in yahoo answers.


The latest iPhone 7, 7plus device was just released recently and  there are a large number of users have been seduced by the merits of iPhone 7 device and may consider to switch to new one. So, if you're Windows phone users, you could not help but switching to the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7Plus. If you already own an iPhone, the most headache question you must deal with is how to transfer a bunch of data from Windows phone to iPhone 7, like contacts, messages, music, photos, calendar and so on. If there were incompatible or sudden changes between the transfer process, some of the data will be lost. So it's important to follow safe and correct method so you don't lose any important data, luckily you've come to the right place.


Here we will show you three ways to transfer data from Windows phone to iPhone without data loss.


Part 1 : Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone: Swap SIMs

Before using this method, you should make sure whether the contacts are stored in the internal memory of Windows phone or in the SIM card itself. Most handsets allow users to copy all the contacts from memory to SIM card directly. This works only if your Windows phone takes a similar sized SIM to your iPhone, if you find that its size could not be suitable, you can cut the card to a suitable size all by yourself. You can find the copy feature in the settings of your Windows phone, if you find it, just copy All contacts to your SIM card. Once all contacts are moved to SIM card, then take out of your SIM from Windows phone and insert it to your iPhone 7/7Plus.


Then, go to "Settings" and choose mail, contacts and Calendars, then click "Import SIM Contacts", when the transfer process is finished, you can check your contacts in your iPhone.


windows phone to iPhone 7


This way only works with contacts, but you can't transfer your text messages, photos to your iPone 7.

Part 2: Migrating Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone: Microsoft Exchange

Before this, you need to ensure that your Windows Phone is syncing all contacts to Microsoft's Servers. If not, you must first set up a new MS account, then upload your information to Micrcosoft account.


1) On your iPhone device, open Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars > Add Account.


2) Select Microsoft Exchange, then type your Windows account login information: Email and Password


3) In the Server field, just type the and then tap Next, you must ensure Contacts are On, then wait for your contacts to be synced over to your iPhone.


Migrating Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

Part 3: How to Transfer Everything from Windows Phone to iPhone

All forms of data transfer solution carry risks, but we think  consider it prudent to minimize the risk, so here we highly recommend a useful and safe software - Mobiledic Phone Transfer, which is really a great assistant to transfer everything from one platform to another no matter what the platform it is.


The fast transferring speed  need not be mentioned here, but the data security are supposed to pay more attention, this is a desktop software which need to be installed on your computer, run and use it without internet connection, this ensure the data security while transferring and make the program reliable.

Mobiledic - Phone Transfer
  • Have capabilities of cross-platform and good data transmission, transfer everything between iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.
  • Transfer any data including contacts,text messages(SMS), call logs, photos, music, videos,apps and more.
  • Allows users to backup phone data to PC and restore from backup. Zero quality loss & risk-free:
  • Support erasing data from iPhone and Android without recovery.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Step 1 Back Up Your Contacts to OneDrive

The  principle is easy to understand, it can extract data from One drive and then save to your iPhone device, so you need to first create a backup of your Windows phone with OneDrive. This tutorial assumes that you have already completed it.


Back Up Your Contacts to OneDrive



Step 2 Install and Run the Program, Connect Two Phones to Computer

First of all, download and install the program on your computer, and connect your two phones to a computer via USB cable. Then launch the program, your can see the primary interface like below. Then select "Restore from Backups ", click "Start".


Run the Program


Step 3 Choose the OneDrive Backup

As you can see, there are many backup applications integrated in the program, including Kies, iCloud, iTunes, Blackberry and OneDrive, that means you can restore data from the backup generated by these applications. Let us suppose that you've created a backup by OneDrive in the step 1, then just select the "OneDrive" in the list.


Choose the OneDrive Backup


Step 3 Analysize the Content in Backup and Start Transferring

This step requires you to login your OneDrive account, this is for authorizing the program to access and analysize everything stored in your OneDrive backup, the program will deeply scan Onedrive data and list them in the middle of the program. Check a box and click "Start Transfer" button to start.


Note: Rest assured that the program will never record your login information.


Analysize the Content in Backup


If ever you encounter problems using it, you can contact Mobieldic and a support staff will be readily available to answer all your queries and help you resolve whatever issue there is. With this program, data transfer becomes very easy and convenient even for people who are always busy. Don't let your fear of not being able to transfer your data hamper your craving for a iPhone device. Use Mobile Transfer and have the best mobile lifestyle.


Just download the trail version and try to transfer contacts, messages or other data from Windows phone to iPhone by yourself.

Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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