How to Transfer Data Between LG Phone and iPhone

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As two of the most popular phone manufacture, LG and Apple have sold millions of devices last year, especially for the flagship ones such as LG G4 and iPhone 6S. The phone is no longer a dumb receiver they used to be. These phones are not just used to communicate with people via voice anymore; they are also used to send instant messages, shoot photos, play games and more. Smartphones are now playing a big role in our daily life. When upgrading to a new phone, it's important to transfer data from the old one to the new one. But unfortunately, there is no single standard out there when it comes to migrating data between phones. So how do you transfer contacts, messages, photos between LG phone and iPhone? Well there is a manual way, but if you chose to do it manually, I guarantee that you will get a lot of headaches. It's going to be tedious, extremely time consuming, and prone to errors. But you don't have to worry a thing. There is a useful tool that allows you to easily transfer files between phones. Its name is Phone Transfer.


Phone Transfer is a powerful program that allows you to easily transfer files between iPhone and LG phone. By using this program, you can migrate video, music, photos, calendar, messages and contacts from one device to another in a quite comfortable way. Unlike other similar program, it has an astonishing user interface that is in line with Microsoft and Apple design best practice. It only needs to move a few mouse clicks to finish the transfer. This is super amazing for users in all levels. What's more, it supports a wide range of iPhone and LG phone models, which you can see from the following list( take iPhone 6S and LG G4 for example in this tutorial ):


iPhone Model : iPhone 8/8Plus/iPhone X/7/7Plus/6S/6, iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 4S/4

LG Phone Model: LG G4/G3/G2 , LG G Flex 2/Flex and more

File Type: Contacts, SMS, Photo, Music, Video, Call Log and EBooks.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Tutorial: Transfer Contacts/SMS/Photos Between LG Phone to iPhone

Step 1 Install and Open Mobiledic Phone Transfer

No matter you are using a Windows PC or Mac computer, it's absolutely OK to use Phone Transfer on both platforms. First download the installation file on your own computer. Then install it on the computer by following the default wizard. When the installation is finished, the program will be opened automatically. Click "Switch" tab and next.

Mobiledic LG to iPhone Transfer


Step 2 Connect LG G4 and iPhone 6S to the Same Computer

Plug LG G4 and iPhone 6S to the same computer with USB cables. A few seconds later, both phones should be recognized by the program. And the device name will be shown within the program. If not, then you should update USB driver for the device not being found by the program.


Step 3 Select Desired Data for Transfer

As you can see from the support list, the program supports a couple of data types. You can choose to select only parts of them or transfer all from one phone to another. It's all up to your own choice. Mark the option checked by clicking on the little square icon in front of each option. Click Flip button to switch the positions of each phone if they were wrong in the start.


move lg data to iphone 6s


Step 4 Start Transferring Data from One Phone to Another

When the selection is done, the next step is to trigger the transfer command by click on Start Copy button. Once the transfer starts, there will be a progress bar indicating the percentage of transfer plus how many files being transferred. In general, the transfer only takes a few minutes to complete. However, this is mainly dependent on how many data selected for transfer.


Start Transferring data from LG Android Phone to iPhone


Yes, you're done. No really, you're done. That's how you transfer data between LG and an iPhone. Really easy right? Only three steps and you literally only need to press the big transfer button. No manual fiddling of anything involved, no swapping SD cards, moving folders, converting file types or anything tedious involved. Mobiledic Phone Transfer automatically takes care of the transfer process so all you have to do is to sit back and relax. If you need to move files between LG and iPhone, just use this program and relax. Phone Transfer is guaranteed to move you files quickly and easily. So give it a try, okay?


Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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