Transfer Contacts/SMS/Music/Photo from BlackBerry to Android Phone

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It is generally known that Android and Apple iOS have been occupied most share of smartphone and RIM, but most people still know BlackBerry's existence and still remains a signature phone for office executives. But now, there are more and more phone manufacturer using Android as the their main operating system, so, some people who have BlackBerry still purchase another Android phone because they want to experience the powerful features that Android brings.


However, if you already own an Blackberry but you want to switch to iPhone, one problem you must deal with is how to transfer data from Blackebrry and Android. Transferring all data can take time without the aid of any program or software designed to perform such task. And if you want to make full use of your Android device, you need move your personal data like contacts, messages, photos and other data to your Android phone.


It's understandable that people can't directly move everything from Blackberry to Android because  they are engaged in an entirely different operating system.Fortunately, Mobiledic has just put into the market Phone Transfer, it is easy to download, install, and use. It can allow you to transfer all data between iPhone, Android and BlackBerry in just one click. This saves you from worrying how to transfer your contacts, videos, photos, calendars, and music. Everything that you transfer retains its original color and form, ensuring that data won't be lost even if something happens to your device.


Supported Blackberry Phone: Priv/Passport/Classic/Leap/Z3/Z30/Q10/Z10/Q5/Blod/Torch/Curve

Supported Android: Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony, OnePlus, Huawei, ZTE and more.

Supported File Type: Contacts, Photos, Text messages, Call Log, Music and Video.etc.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Tutorial: How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android

Step 1 Backup Blackberry Data to Your Computer First

Mobile Transfer can be able to extract everything from the backup generated by BlackBerry Desktop Software, and then import to your Android phone.


So, you need to first download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Software, run it. Then connect your BlacKBerry to your PC via USB cable. Click the "Backup Now" button on the panel and choose a local folder to store the backup file.


backup blackberry phone data



Step 2 Download, Install and Run Mobile Transfer

Before you can use the program, you have to download and install it to your personal computer. In the primary window, select "Restore from backups" option and next.

Select Blackberry backup


Step 3 Select the BlackBerry Backup Files and Keep Connecting Your Android to PC

Assuming you've connected your Android phone to PC. Click "Restore from Backup" on the primary window and select "Blackberry backup file from the option list, all of your BlackBerry backup files will be listed on the left side.


BlackBerry to Android transfer


Step 4 Start to Transfer Contacts, SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Once your Android was detected successfully, it will appear on the right side as "Destination device". Then on the left, select BlackBerry backup file and you will see all backup files you've ever made with BlackBerry Desktop Software. In the middle of the program just trick the items you want to transfer and click "Start Copy" button to begin.


Start Transferring Contacts to Android phone


All you need is to wait a few seconds for the task to be completed. Your Android phone will now contain all the files that you have in your BlackBerry backup.


If ever you encounter problems using it, you can contact Mobiledic and a support staff will be readily available to answer all your queries and help you resolve whatever issue there is. With this program in hand, data transfer becomes very easy and convenient even for people who have no computer skills. Don't let your fear of not being able to transfer your data hamper your craving for new Android device. Just download the trail version and copy contacts, messages from Blackberry to Android phone by yourself.

Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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