How to Transfer Contacts/SMS/Photos/Music from Nokia to iPhone 8/X/7/6S

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"Hi, I've recently brought a new iPhone 7 plus, and also have a old Nokia with running Windows 10 OS. Now, what I faced a dilemma is how can I transfer large number of messages, contacts and other media file from Nokia to my new iPhone 7 plus,  I've tried lots of ways  but still not have a great solution. I don't want to manually transfer these data due to that's too time-consuming. would really appreciate any suggestions? Thanks." --- Victoria


When you are thinking of upgrading your phone then there are whole lot of options that you have to consider before you finally make the change. While staring to use a new phone you need to have two every important element already present there and that is the contact details and text messages, photos, music and videos and any other data stored in your old Nokia phone. Without this it will be difficult for you to start enjoy with your new iPhone 7 plus. Hence the most important thing of transferring the details is required. There are ample of software applications available but all you need to do is select the right one that provides you with the most reliability and fuss free methods to ensure a successful transfer.


Symbian or Windows 7/10 Operating System? Transfer Everything with One-Click

As the Smartphone market is very competitive, the majority of small companies have been taken over, including Nokia phone, we know Nokia was taken over by Microsoft, so most new Nokia phone employs highly developed Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.


No matter what system your Nokia is running, you still have a fast way to transfer everything from Nokia to iPhone without loss quality.



Make Use of A Trustworthy Software - Mobiledic Phone Transfer

The Mobiledic Phone Transfer is one such software application that will help you a great deal in having all the details transferred. Usually in several of these cases it so happens that while the transfer is taking place, a major portion of the data gets lost. If this happens then the transfer will not make sense considering that most of the original information will not be available. If you do not want to face a situation as such where information gets lost in transition then taking help from the Mobiledic software will be a wise option to go by.

Mobiledic - Phone Transfer
  • Have capabilities of cross-platform and nice data transmission, transfer everything between iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.
  • Support up to 20 types: contacts,text messages(SMS), call logs, photos, music, videos,apps and more.
  • One-click to backup phone data to PC and restore from backup. NO quality loss & risk-free.
  • Add new data erasing feature: Completely erase data from old phone without recovery.


In this short tutorial, we'll try to show it how it works. It' not a problem, after all.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Part 1: Transfer Data from Nokia (Symbian OS) to iPhone 7 Plus/7/6

Step 1 Install and Run the Program, Connect Two Phones to Computer

After you downloaded tool, install and then launch it on your computer. Then, you can see its primary window like the screenshot below. Then you will be asked to connect iPhone and Nokia device to the same computer via USB cables. After the connection, the two phones will be detected by the program automatically.


Here select mode "Switch" and next.

Mobiledic mobile transfer


Step 2 Analyze All Content on Your Source Andorid Phone


Once the program detects your phones successfully, you will see source device on the left and the destination one on the right. It will analyze all data stored on your Android phone.


move Nokia to iPhone


Note: You can click "Flip" to easily change the destination phone.


Step 3 Start to Transfer SMS, Contacts, Music and Others from Nokia to New iPhone

After the analysis of your source phone (Nokia), the program will list all the transferable data type between the two phones, just tick the messages, contacts or other data type you want to transfer and click "Start Copy". The data transfer will take some times and once the process is completed from one platform to another the process also finishes. Then you can check your phone.


Start Transferring contacts, messages from Nokia to iPhone



If your Nokia runs Microsoft 's Windows 10, 8 Operating System, don't worry, Obviously, this program has already added this features to help Windows phone users transfer data. See how it works in the Part 2. Or follow this article to transfer contacts from Windows phone to iPhone.

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from Nokia (WinPhone 10/8 ) to iPhone 7 Plus/6

Note: This method can help you transfer contacts, photos, videos and music from Nokia WinPhone 10/8 to iPhone.


Step 1 Back Up Your Contacts to OneDrive

You would need to upload your contacts to Microsoft with OneDrive. This tutorial assumes that you have already completed it.


Back Up Your Contacts to OneDrive



Step 2 Choose the OneDrive Backup

Install and launch the Mobiledic Phone Transfer. Select the mode "Restore from Backups " tile. You will need to sign in the Microsoft account of your Lumia Phone.


Choose the OneDrive Backup


Step 3 Analysize the Content in Your OneDrive Backup and Start Transferring


On the right side, connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, the program should detect your iPhone in seconds. As the OneDrive is connected or login your OneDrive account in the program, the tool will load all the contacts from remote serve. This is for authorizing the program to access and analysize everything stored in your OneDrive backup. Check a box and click "Start Transfer" button to start.


Note: Don't worry, the program never collect any personal information. .


Analysize the Content in Backup



Note: If You Only Need to Transfer Photos, Videos and Music.

if you only want to transfer photos, videos, and music from Nokia(WinPhone 10/8) to iPhone, then just directly select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode, and connect your two phone to a computer via two USB cable. There is no need to login your OneDrive backup.


transfer photos, videos, and music from Nokia(WinPhone 10/8) to iPhone


Select the data you want to transfer and click "Start Transfer" button.


Since there are so many advantages you can gain from this simple software, you need not resort to other applications that can come off as unreliable and impractical. Therefore you can use the Mobiledic Phone to Phone Transfer program with ease and transfer all important information. Apart from transferring from a Nokia phone you can also do it from an android phone and several other platform as well. There is no need for you to worry if you have a different phone to work with and need your new iPhone all pumped up and ready to work. Transfer your messages and contacts without losing their original content.


Follow the step by step instructions and you will get all the guidance to make the transfer happen. There are no unnecessary steps involved and hence you do have to spend extra time to get the things done. Get your transfer done in a complication free way.


Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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