How to Transfer Contacts/Messages from Windows Phone to Android

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Your contact list is one of the most important file in your cellular phone because they represent the people you do business with or you need to talk to for personal reasons. However, you cannot easily transfer contacts, messages or other data from one device to another, such as from Windows Phone to Android. Both phones have excellent features but there is one thing you cannot easily do that because of the totally different OS they're running.


Method One: Transfer Data with Mobile Transfer, Fast and Safe

Is there a short cut to transferring contacts and messages between Windows phone and Android without data loss? Modern technology could have made a few available but if you want the best, use Mobile Transfer from Mobiledic. The software will allow you to transfer all your data in just a few clicks. Aside from moving names and numbers to your new phone, other details such as company names and other descriptions you stored referring to your contact are also transferred. In short, your contact list, messages and other data in your new Android phone will be exactly the same to the one in Windwos phone.


Supported Type of Data: Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Songs, Call History.etc.

Suppoted Phone: Windows phone 7,8,10. Samsung Galxay, HTC, LG, Sony and more.


In this short tutorial, we'll try to show it how it works. It' not a problem, after all.

Windows Version
Mac Version

3 Steps to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

Step 1 Back Up Your Windows Phone Contacts to OneDrive

Before using this program, you need to first back up your Windows phone contacts or other data to OneDrive account. It's easy to create OneDrive account if you don't have..


backup your Windows phone



Step 2 Download, Install and Run the Phone Transfer Program

When the Windows phone backup is finished, what you need to do is use Mobile Transfer application to restore your data from OneDrive backup to your Android phone. So, you should download and install the program and run it. The main window like blow.

Mobiledic mobile transfer



Step 3 Select Right Transfer Mode

You will see there are 4 main features on the min panel in the program, here you need to select "Restore from Backups" option. It will allow you to restore your OneDrive backup you just made with Windows phone.

copy Windows phone to Android



Step 4 Connect Your Android Phone to PC and Sign in OneDrive

After you selecting the mode Restore from Backups, there are six backup programs inside, you can easily restore data from the backup which generated by these backup program. Here you need t o select OneDrive option from the list and login your OneDrive account. Please rest assured that program will never record any information of your OneDrive.

select files


The program will scan all content stored in your OneDrive backup, you just need to select which type of file you want to transfer to your Android. And click "Start Transfer" button. The program is a professional tool that will allow quick and accurate data transfer. The process takes just a few clicks and a few minutes.



Method Two: Email Your Contact List and Save One by One

In fact, there are some traditional methods to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android phone. For contacts, you can list down all contacts and enter them to your Android or you can email your contact list to your Android and save them one by one. Both methods would take time and you could miss some names. This could result to a big loss if those names happen to be the people very close to you and who you need to contact regularly or if they belong to your important business contacts. In addition, you will only be able to see names and numbers if you want to finish the task quickly. The name of company where the contact works or is connected and other relevant details could be left behind in the process.


If you want to transfer data from Windows phone to Android quickly, safely and easy,  no doubt, the method one is the best choice. Download the trail version and do it yourself.

Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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