Three Ways to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Another Android Phone

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Change is the rule of Nature, and thus, many things in our life keep on changing time to time. Same is with the gadgets and smartphones. We keep changing our smartphones frequently because once in a while the new version of our phone's brand or some other brands launch latest and more upgraded phones in the market. It's human nature that we get attracted to new things we see around us. When Android's new version gets launched, we become impatient to update our phone as soon as possible. In a similar fashion, when a brand launches a new phone in the market with the new features, we desire to get that one.


We are talking about Android phones in this article primarily. When we get a new Android phone, there are data on the old phone that need to be copied or moved to our new phone so that we don't lose our old data such as pictures, videos, apps, photos, SMS, etc. When it comes to such work, there are a lot of ways to do. However, not all of the ways to transfer SMS from one phone to another are good. But, a few are really great.


In this post, there are mentioning there ways to move SMS from one Android Phone to Another, choose the most suitable for you.


Tutorial: Transfer SMS from Android to Android with Android Apps

There are certain apps such as SMS Backup & Restore and others that you can use to backup the data of your old phone, and then restore the same data on the new phone. You just need to perform the backup on your old phone and save the backup to your SD card or anywhere you want as shown option in the app.


sms backup and restore


Once the backup is done, take your new phone in hand, and use the same App, and tap on Restore, and show the path of the backup file. Make sure you insert the SD card in the new phone in which you backup reside. Your SMS and other data will be restored on the new phone.

Part 2 : Transfer Messages from Android to Another Using Bluetooth

You can use Bluetooth to transfer your files to new phone. SMS files can also be transferred using it as well. For this, you have to find out the file that needs to be copied to a new phone in order to get those text messages on the new phone.


transfer messagse from Android to another


I don't recommend this method though because if you don't know much about the data files, you won't feel comfortable doing it. Your phones may get disconnected or stuck several times during the transfer, it's error-prone and time consuming. Also, Bluetooth may keep disconnecting if you are transferring large data. All you have to do is to connect both of the android device using Bluetooth, and transfer the SMS backup file to new device, and make sure you transfer the file to the same path as it is old phone.

Part 3: Copy Messages from Android to Another Using Phone Transfer

This is the most recommended method to get messages or other data transferred between different phones in the much easy way. This software has great features and your messages are safely moved to a new device without the loss of even a single SMS. You can transfer everything between Android, iOS, Blackebrry, Nokia and Windows phone. Based on the advanced  OCR engine, all the data and settings have capabilities of cross-platform and good network transmission. If you need to transfer data between differnt platform, check this tutorial to transfer messages from Android to iPhone.


You can see easily that one software program gives a lot options to transfer your SMS or other data across any devices. That is why I recommend you go with Mobiledic Phone Transfer for all of your data from one Android phone to another. And, when it comes to transferring SMS, it's the best software to use.

Mobiledic - Phone Transfer
  • Directly transfer everything between iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone without boundaries and data loss.
  • Transfer any data including contacts,text messages(SMS), call logs, photos, music, videos,apps and more.
  • Support restoring from backups created by iCloud, iTunes, Kies, Onedrive.etc.
  • Support wiping data from iPhone and Android without recovery.
Windows Version
Mac Version

Step 1 Download, Install and Run the Program, Connect Two Phones to Computer

After you download the application, install and run it. See the primary interface as below. You should prepare for two USB cables for connecting to two devices to computer. Then select the option "Switch" and next.


Mobiledic mobile transfer


Step 2 Start to Analyze All Content on Your Source Phone

Once the your two devices are recognized by the program, then you need to check the position of the two device. In normal times the Windows phone will be displayed on the left side, and iPhone will  appear on the left. The data will be transferred from the source device to the destination one.


move messages from iPhone to galaxy


Note: You can click "Flip" button on the program to change the transfer position if you want to transfer data from iPhone to Windows Phone.


Step 3 Select and Start Copying Text from Android to Another

Make your Windows Phone the source and the iPhone as the destination, the contents of your Windows Phone will appear. Choose file of type that you want to transfer and click "Copy". All you need is to wait a few seconds for the task to be completed. Your Samsung will now contain all the files that you have in your iPhone.


Start Transferring messages from android to android


In this tutorial, you have learned three ways to transfer your SMS or other data from one Android phone to another. However, the 3rd method is what I recommend because it's safer way than others. If you got any query, please ask in comments.

Windows Version
Mac Version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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