How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung to iPhone 8/X/7/6S/SE

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Excitement is top notch when you are buying a new phone and especially if it happens to be an iPhone, you will hardly be able to contain your excitement. However if you intend to keep all the messages that you have in your old Samsung phone then the first thing that you have to do is transfer the texts. There are several people who resort to sending the messages separately by wasting their phone balance. But there are several ways available with the help of which you can get guaranteed transfers without having to go through much complicated steps and confusion.


For the vast majority of people, it is very difficult to get all your important text messages transferred successfully from Samsung phone to new iPhone due to the data can't be directly transferred between two completely different operating systems, you must create a new communication mechanism.


Choose A Wondrous Tool:

Many applications can be made use of but since there are so many at your disposal, selecting the right one becomes difficult as you need to select the program that will be directly doing the work for you without having to indulge in unnecessary steps. The Mobiledic Phone Transfer makes it a breeze for you to transfer messages from Samsung galaxy to iPhone 6s or plus. With the help of this, upgrading to your new iPhone will no longer be a pain. With the help of a simple click you will have all the data in the new device and in the process there will be no loss of the information that is being transferred.


In this short tutorial, we'll try to show how it works. It's not a problem, after all.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Tutorial: How to Transfer Text from Galaxy to iPhone X/8/7/6

Step 1 Install and Run the Program, Connect Two Phones to Computer

First download the program above, install it on your computer. After running, the main window will show up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start". Then you will be asked to connect iPhone 6 plus and Samsung device to a computer via two USB cables. The program will automatically detect your devices.


Note: Make sure the iTunes was installed on your computer.

Mobiledic mobile transfer


Step 2 Start to Analyze All Content on Your Source Samsung Phone

Once both of your two phones are detected by the program successfully, it will present the two phones at the place of "Source" and "Destination" in the primary window. The program will deeply analyze all data stored on your Samsung galaxy phone (Source device).


move messages from iPhone to galaxy


Note: If you need to transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung phone, just simply click "Flip" button to set your iPhone as the source device and Samsung as Destination.


Step 3 Select and Start Copying SMS from Samsung to iPhone

After analyzing your Samsung device, all the transferable data will be shown on the middle of program, just select the "Messages" and click Start Copy do to the job. Don't disconnect your phones during the process. You can also transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung by selecting "Contacts".


Start Transferring messages


More Benefits in Store

There is much more that you can do with the software apart from just transferring Samsung messages to iPhone. Music, contacts and more can make place in your iPhone. Hence you can successfully retain your important playlists and messages and not have to worry about losing any of the information in between. The transfer is fast and effective. You get the exact same message that has been there in your Samsung phone. If you are a Mac user there is a separate  Mobiledic Mobile Trans edition that you can opt for.


Hence you no longer will have to take the help of unguided professionals and try unreliable methods of transfer that can not only make you lose a lot of information but also leak the private text messages that are meant to be transferred. There is no need for you to make elaborate plans and go through extensively confusing steps to have your new iPhone prepared for proper use. Make sure that you have properly downloaded and installed the program to make use of it. There are several more functions you can make use in terms of backing up the data and even safeguarding it from third party interventions.


Just download the trail version and try to transfer SMS from Galaxy to iPhone by yourself.

Windows Version
Mac Version



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