Transfer Contacts, Text Messages, other Data from HTC One M8/M9 to Computer

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One best use of mobile phones such as HTC One M9 is sending and receiving text messages. Calls are convenient but if you have information you want to refer to from time to time, it would be to your advantage to ask the other party to send the information in a text message. The same would be recommended for data that include dates and numbers because these are difficult to remember. Instead of taking down notes while talking, your caller can send those items using text messages so that you can easily read the details.


However, most smartphones and Androids have limited space in the text box and when you hit the limit, you will be prompted to delete some text messages to make room for incoming ones. Deleting a text message is easy but what if those messages contain important information that you want to keep? Reading each message and deleting those that are not relevant to you can take too much time while deleting all may result to deletion of valuable information.


That could be a predicament but with Mobiedic Android Manager, you can stop worrying about accidentally deleting those messages. You can back up SMS from HTC One M9 to computer using Android Manager, a program from Mobiledic designed to create back up for your Android or Smartphone text messages in your personal computer. Once your back up is created, you can clean your text box by deleting old text messages. With free space, you will be able to receive and open new messages If ever you want to review old text messages, you can read them in your personal computer. Besides messages backup, you can also transfer contacts to computer for backup.


Suported Devices: HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Motolora, Google, ZTE and more... (about 2000 brands.)

Supported Files: Messages, Contacts, Photos, Vidoes, Notes, Ccall History, Whatsapp Messages,app and more.


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Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Transfer Contacts/ Text from HTC M9/M8 to Computer

Step 1Launch The Program and Connect Your HTC Phone to PC

First of all, make sure you've successfully installed the program on your computer, then run it, connect your HTC M8 or M9 to computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi . The program has fully supported Android and iOS device in the latest update. Here you should select "Android" option and next.


Android manager tool


Step 2 Recognize Your HTC Device Automatically

When you connect your HTC device to computer, the windows will automatically install the driver for your device. Then the program will recognize your HTC device and all the transferable data like Apps, Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and so on. on your Android device will be listed in left sidebar of window as below. And there are some other features have already integrated into the program like "Data Recovery", "Android root", "Phone Transfer" and others in the "Super tookit".


main windows of Android manager


Note: If this process failed, please download the driver on its manufacture's official site.


Step 3 Start to Export Messages from HTC Phone to Your Computer

You need to transfer text messages from HTC to computer, click the option SMS in the left sidebar and you will see all the detailed information on the right window. You can check the the messages you want to export, and click Export -> Export selected SMS to computer.


scan the Android sms


After you click the "Export" button, a windows will pop up asking you to choose the local folder to save your transferred messages. The messages will be exported to your computer and save as XML and HTML format.



In addition, if you need to completely backup your HTC data to computer, just click "One-Click Backup" button in the Main Menu to transfer all content from your device to computer with a click. Then easily restore back to your phone when necessary.


In fact, If you deleted your data on HTC phone by accident, you still have a chance to retrieve data (SMS, contacts, photos) from HTC phone.


For your security, you can use Mobiledic Android Manager to make a back up for all your files such as music, videos, photos, games, contact list, calendars, and other personal documents that you want to store for a long time. You can then remove them from your mobile phone to optimize it. Freeing more space would mean faster performance of your device. The software can also identify useless or junk files and it removes them instantly. Data can be transferred using apps such as Google Drive.


By creating back up for all your files, you can have peace of mind because you are certain that you have made spare copy. Once your data got lost, you can use this program to transfer the files you saved in your PC and restore whatever you need. You can send and receive text messages from your personal computer as long as you have installed the program.

Windows version
Mac version



Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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