How to Undelete Files on Your Android Phone?

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Your Android device stores GBs of valuable data like personal photos, music, movies, games etc. There is nothing more annoying than losing any of these files on your device all of a sudden. At some point of time, we may delete the contacts, texts, photos etc. by mistake or accident. The data we delete from our Android device, by mistake or intentionally, is virtually removed from device but actually present until you install any app or save any other file in the same folder.


The device removes just the path to access the data and then lets the drive to be available to override the data with other items. So, it is still possible to recover lost or deleted files on your Android device. Make sure not to save anything else on your phone and never turn it off. Also turn off your data connection to avoid automatic updates to happen before you recover your lost data.


There are three ways for choice to undelete data from Android phone, choose the right solution according to fact condition.

Part 1: Undelete Your Data If Your Android Device Is Rooted

If your Android Device is rooted, use Undeleter app to recover your lost data. Don't root your device if you are not a developer. Undeleter for Android is an application which only can bed installed on Android device, it fulfills its role in helping you recover your deleted files as quickly as possible. When you run it, it can scan for and recover everything from memory cards and internal storage on rooted Android devices.


Undeleter app


Steps on how to use Undelete to retrieve files on Android phone.

Step 1: First of all, install Undeleter app from Google Play Store. This app is free to download and catch up all the recoverable data files. But the worst thing is that you actually have to pay to retrieve files.

Step 2. Choose what you need to get back – Deleted files (Videos, Apps, Photos etc.)

Step 3. Open app and allow root access to it.

Step 4. Choose storage location (SD card or internal storage) to recover your lost data and scan the location.

Step 5. Once you are done, you can easily check all the data in category like Images, Audio, Documents, eBooks and Video.


Cons :

1) You have to pay $3.99 to purchase the app and recover data.

2) It is only for scanning deleted files when your device is rooted. So, if you don't have a rooted phone, be sure to root yours before installing the application. But we won't recommend rooting your Android phone.

3) It only scans and undelete application databases, and multimedia content, can't retrieve text messages, contacts and Whatsapp messages.

Part 2: Undelete Your Deleted Android Files with Dumpster App

If your device is not rooted, no issue! This method can help you recover all your lost data. Even if your device is rooted but you don't want any paid app like Undeleter Pro, follow these steps as an alternative.




Step 1: Install Dumpster – The Free 'Recycle Bin' app for your Android.

Dumpster is a free “Recycle Bin” for your Android device. It works just like your desktop's Recycle Bin. It can save all the deleted files once installed. You may remove the files permanently if they are no longer required later.


Ste 2. Even if your device is not rooted, it works. If your device is rooted, it will ask for root access your device for improved performance. You can also restore common files with extensions like mp4, jpg, png, mp3, wma, ogg, doc, pdf, apk, etc.


Step 3. It can also automatically clean your deleted files after a few days. You can also set any particular format to ignore or save. Basically, this app is free. You may also buy premium version to remove ads and for more features.


Cons: It works only when you have Dumpster already installed on your Android device. If you've deleted your data before installing Dumpster, it is of no use.

Part 3: Undelete Your Android Files with Mobiledic Android Recovery

If both of the above methods didn't work, Mobiledic Android Data Recovery is a proven method which will definitely work. All you need to connect your device to your PC and run this recovery tool to rescue all your deleted files before you lose them forever.


Can I Still Undelete Files on Android Phone?

There are many people confused why the deleted data still can be recovered, it may be a little hard to understand. For the Android storage mechanism, Android data are simply an organizational system employed by the OS and spread throughout the volume, when users delete data like photo, messages or contacts, it was not really wiped from device but still remain in the volume and waiting for new data to be overwritten. Files that are recovered may fail to open due to fragmentation, it is because that you didn't stop using your device after you lost data.


Mobiledic Android Data Recovery application can identify all configuration interfaces of Android phone and analyze all deleted or covered fragmentation, regroup these fragmentation, then get a complete file. It can recover 18 data of type for your Android device. Retrieving messages, photos is just piece of cake.


Users can download the trail version here.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1Download and Install the Program, Connect Phone to PC

Install Android Data Recovery software on your computer first, and follow the detailed instruction wizard to finish installation. Connect your Android device to your PC through USB in which the software is installed. Make sure USB driver is already installed on your system.

 Android Recovery


Step 2 Turn on USB Debugging on Android Phone

You need to enable the debugging on your device so that program can has the authority to communicate your device. Follow the steps given on the wizard to enable USB debugging on different Android versions. Also you can follow this guide.

enable usb debugging on android


Step 3 Analyze Deleted Files on Android Phone

Analyze and detect files on your SD card or internal memory. Click 'Start' to start analyzing the file structure. If your phone is rooted, allow root access to it. Click Start to continue.

scan android phone


Step 4 Choose File Type and Scan Mode

Now choose the type of file and like contacts, videos and photos you have to recover. Click 'Next' to proceed. There are three models available on the program, so carefully and choose the right scanning mode. After selection, click ‘Next' to start the file scanning process.

check deleted file types


Step 5 Preview and Undelete Deleted Files on Android

It will take several minutes to get done the scanning, please don’t disconnect your device to PC. After the scanning, you can preview the lost files and recover the ones you need. Select files and click “Recover” to start recovery. Finally, select a local folder on computer to store save these recovered data.

star sim card recovery


Out of the above three methods, third method, i.e. Mobiledic Android Data Recovery is very simple. If both of the above methods are failed, android data recovery tool will definitely work. We recommend you to try this tool at least once to assess its performance. It is really the best tool to recover your lost android data with few simple steps.

Windows version
Mac version



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