AutoHideDesktopIcons Review – A Great Solution for a Clean Desktop Look

Most of us spend a lot of time on our computers, and over time, our desktops end up cluttered with files, shortcuts, and various other items. It can be challenging to find anything on a cluttered desktop, which is why software like AutoHideDesktopIcons can be so useful. This software is designed to automatically hide desktop icons, giving you a clean and clutter-free desktop. In this review, we will take a closer look at AutoHideDesktopIcons, and see if it really lives up to its promises.

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What Does AutoHideDesktopIcons Do?

AutoHideDesktopIcons does exactly what its name suggests- it automatically hides desktop icons. However, the software has a few additional features that make it even more useful for keeping your desktop organized. Here are some of the core features of AutoHideDesktopIcons:

Auto-Hiding Desktop Icons: This feature automatically hides your desktop icons after a specified number of seconds. This can be useful for those who want to view their desktop wallpaper without the clutter of icons.

Show Desktop Icons: With this feature, you can quickly show your desktop icons again by moving your mouse to a specific area on the screen.

Minimize All Windows: This feature allows you to quickly minimize all open windows with a single click.

Customizable Settings: You can customize the settings of AutoHideDesktopIcons, such as how long you want the icons to be hidden, and where you want to move your mouse to show the icons again.


The software is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers basic features, while the full version includes all the features discussed above. The full version of AutoHideDesktopIcons costs $15.99, which is a reasonable price for the features included.

Version Price
Free $0
Full $15.99

Review Ratings

Items Rating
Effectiveness ★★★★★
Support ★★★★
Service ★★★
Quality ★★★★
  • Effectiveness: AutoHideDesktopIcons effectively hides desktop icons, and the additional features are useful for organizing your desktop.
  • EASE-OF-USE: The software is easy to install and use, and the customizable settings make it easy to tailor the software to your needs.
  • Support: Customer support is available through email, and users report quick and helpful responses.
  • Service: There are few additional services offered with the software, but the software itself is well-designed and effective.
  • Quality: AutoHideDesktopIcons is well-designed and stable software, with very few bugs or issues reported by users.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: The full version of AutoHideDesktopIcons is reasonably priced, and the added features make it well worth the cost.

What I Like

I have found AutoHideDesktopIcons to be a useful tool for keeping my desktop clean and organized. The software performs as promised, and the additional features make it even more helpful. I particularly like the customizable settings, which allow me to tailor the software to my specific needs. Additionally, the pricing of the full version is very reasonable, making it accessible to most users.

What I Don’t Like

One potential drawback of AutoHideDesktopIcons is that it may take some time to get used to, especially if you are accustomed to having your icons visible on your desktop. However, with a bit of patience and practice, this is quickly overcome.

What Could Be Better

While AutoHideDesktopIcons is a well-designed piece of software, there are a few features that could be added to make it even more useful. Here are three suggestions for features that could be added:

Automatic Scheduling: It would be helpful if AutoHideDesktopIcons could be scheduled to turn on and off automatically during certain times of the day or week. This would be particularly useful for those who use their computers in different contexts (e.g., work vs. personal use).

Customizable Icon Sizes: It would be great if users could choose the size of their icons when they are displayed. This would allow users to quickly switch between small and large icons depending on their current needs.

Hotkeys: Adding customizable hotkeys would make it even easier to use AutoHideDesktopIcons. Users could quickly show or hide their desktop icons with a simple keystroke.

How to Use AutoHideDesktopIcons

Using AutoHideDesktopIcons is very straightforward. Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Download and install AutoHideDesktopIcons from the official website.

Step 2: Launch the software. By default, the software will automatically hide your desktop icons after 60 seconds of inactivity. You can change this setting in the software’s options.

Step 3: To show your desktop icons again, move your mouse to the lower right corner of your screen. This will reveal a small area where you can click to show your desktop icons.

Alternatives to AutoHideDesktopIcons

While AutoHideDesktopIcons is an excellent tool for organizing your desktop, there are a few alternatives that may suit your needs better. Here are three alternatives to consider:

Fences: Fences is a software program that allows you to organize your desktop icons into customizable "fences." These fences can be resized, moved, and customized to fit your needs. Fences costs $9.99.

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DesktopOK: DesktopOK is a free software program that allows you to save and restore your desktop icon layout. This can be useful if you frequently change your desktop settings or share your computer with others.

Download Link

Rainmeter: Rainmeter is a highly customizable desktop customization tool that allows you to add widgets, shortcuts, and other elements to your desktop. This can be useful for those who want more than just a clean desktop. Rainmeter is free.

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5 FAQs about AutoHideDesktopIcons

Q1: Is AutoHideDesktopIcons safe to use?

A: Yes, AutoHideDesktopIcons is safe to use. The software is well-designed and stable, with very few reported bugs or issues. Additionally, the software is certified as safe by Norton and McAfee.

Q2: Can I customize the settings of AutoHideDesktopIcons?

A: Yes, you can customize the settings of AutoHideDesktopIcons. The software allows you to specify how long you want the icons to be hidden, and where you want to move your mouse to show the icons again.

Q3: Is there a free version of AutoHideDesktopIcons?

A: Yes, there is a free version of AutoHideDesktopIcons available. However, the free version only includes basic features.

Q4: Does AutoHideDesktopIcons work on all versions of Windows?

A: Yes, AutoHideDesktopIcons is compatible with all versions of Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Q5: How can I contact support if I have a question or issue?

A: You can contact the AutoHideDesktopIcons support team through email. They typically respond within a few hours.

Final Words

Overall, AutoHideDesktopIcons is a great solution for those who want a clean and organized desktop. The software performs as promised, and the additional features make it even more useful. The customizable settings allow users to tailor the software to their needs, and the pricing of the full version is very reasonable. While there are a few features that could be added to make the software even better, AutoHideDesktopIcons is an excellent tool for those who want a tidier desktop.