Chemplot Review – Streamline Your Chemistry Experience with this Powerful Software

The field of chemistry has always been complex and intricate, with numerous formulas, models, and experiments to be carried out. For chemists and scientists, it can become extremely tiresome to keep a record of all the data in handwritten format or using various disparate applications for drawing or editing chemical structures. To ease their burden, a software called Chemplot came as a ray of hope. It provides chemists with the necessary tools to streamline their work, reducing the time that the task would otherwise take. With Chemplot, scientists can easily diagram methane molecules or perhaps build larger biopolymer polymers. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Chemplot, its features, and how it can streamline the chemistry experience.

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What’s Chemplot?

Chemplot is a chemical drawing software used to draw various chemical structures in a smooth and straightforward way. Chemplot is designed to manage all kinds of chemical structures, including organic, inorganic compounds, polymers, or anything scienc-y with all the necessary tools.

Chemplot Basics:

The Chemplot interface is simple and straightforward. It’s very easy to learn how to use the software. You don’t need to have comprehensive formal chemistry knowledge to start your workflow in Chemplot. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Chemplot has menu bars on top that hold multiple options to help you draw numerous chemical structures with pre-defined templates.

Pros & Cons:


– The software is very user-friendly and easy to learn; it doesn’t take a lot of effort to draw a basic structure.
– Chemplot has inbuilt modules for drawing machine-generated chemical structures, which saves you time.
– Chemplot gives scientists and researchers the power to draw and manage complicated molecules with complete accuracy.
– The software has a search feature that enables one to discover chemical compounds saved to your hard drive.


– The software has limited templates for drawing chemical structures, but users can always find other alternatives online or create their templates.
– The software isn’t as widely used in the industry as some of its competitors, making it harder to find tutorials online.

Our Thoughts on Chemplot

In general, Chemplot is a very beneficial tool. It’s simple, easy to learn and still has the complexity to handle every requirement in the chemistry industry. With its various available features, this software can save an immense amount of time for chemists, biochemists, and scientists, reducing their workload in producing accurate diagrams. It’s a priceless addition to the arsenal of chemists, one that every professional should consider using.

What Chemplot Identifies?

Chemplot can identify a broad variety of organic, inorganic, polymer, and biological chemical compounds. Without Chemplot, scientists would have to draw these structures manually, frequently risking mistakes in the process. With Chemplot, these structures are drawn accurately with minimal effort.

How to Use Chemplot?

Using Chemplot is easy, and these steps will help you capture the basics of using the software.

1. Open the software and chose the “New” option.
2. Use the Template box to select a chemical structure that you would like to draw or maybe start from scratch.
3. Use the tools in the menu above, such as the pen, arc, and text tools, to make any necessary changes to the structure.
4. After finishing with your structure, you can save it in your preferred format.

Alternatives to Chemplot

Although Chemplot is one of the most popular chemical drawing software available, users may want to explore other options. There are some alternatives available with their description, price, and download link.

1. Marvin

Marvin is a cross-platform chemical and scientific drawing software from ChemAxon. It’s a fantastic tool for scientists and researchers who need to sketch chemical structures and reactions; it also provides tools for analyzing and optimizing chemical structures.


– 30-day free trial.
– Personal: €435/year (1 user)
– Academic: €185/year (1 user)

Download Link

2. ChemDraw

ChemDraw is a leading chemical drawing software in the market. It’s a suite of industry-standard chemical drawing software that saves time and simplifies the chemistry workflow.


– 30-day free trial.
– Individual: Request pricing
– Organizations: Request pricing

Download Link

3. BKChem

BKChem is a free chemical drawing software that allows you to create various chemical structures, including organic molecules and complex macromolecules.


– Free

Download Link

5 FAQs about Chemplot

Q1: What are the system requirements to use Chemplot?

A: Chemplot runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Any computer that can run one of these operating systems should be capable of running Chemplot.

Q2: Is there a trial version of Chemplot available?

A: There is no trial version of Chemplot currently available. However, the software is free to use with all the required features.

Q3: How does Chemplot simplify the molecular drawing process?

A: Chemplot provides non-scientists and professionals with pre-defines templates to simplify the molecular drawing process. With these templates, users can input the molecular structure and add the necessary bonds or atoms to create an accurate diagram.

Q4: How does Chemplot save time for chemists?

A: Chemplot’s machine-generated drawing feature enables scientists and researchers to create accurate molecular structures quickly. In addition, chemists may save time by reusing templates or drawing a similar structure by copying, pasting and editing the existing diagram.

Q5: Can Chemplot calculate the molecular weight of a chemical structure?

A: Chemplot doesn’t feature a molecular weight function. However, it can export the molecular weight value to external software.

Final Thoughts

Chemplot is a remarkable chemical drawing software that makes the lives of chemists easier. It doesn’t require extensive knowledge of chemical structures to start using it, so it is incredibly user-friendly. It’s simple design and useful tools allow chemists to create chemical compounds with accuracy and ease. Despite its limitations in terms of available templates, Chemplot is still a valuable asset for everyone working in the science industry. We hope that this review has helped you start using Chemplot and that it simplifies all your future chemical drawing tasks.