Directpass Review – Simplify Your Online Life with Password Management Solution

As we become more reliant on technology, we tend to accumulate numerous online accounts that require passwords. With so many different accounts to remember, it’s understandable if we forget our login information for some of them. This is where password managers come in handy, and DirectPass is one of the popular and powerful password managers out there.

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What Does DirectPass Do?

DirectPass is a password manager that aids in organizing and securing your various online accounts’ login information. By using DirectPass, you only need to recall one master password when logging into your password-protected accounts.

  • Auto-fill Feature: DirectPass will fill up your login details automatically when you visit a website or run software installed on your device.
  • Password Generator: The application has a password generator that creates strong passwords for all your online accounts with the help of its advanced technology that cannot be easily guessed by hackers.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: DirectPass can synchronize your passwords across multiple devices, including your Windows, Mac computers, and mobile devices.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: DirectPass offers two-factor authentication, which is another security layer that ensures your account stays secure.


Below is the table that shows the pricing options for DirectPass:

Plans Pricing
DirectPass yearly subscription $19.99
DirectPass semi-annual subscription $14.99
DirectPass monthly subscription $4.99

Review Ratings

Effectiveness EASE-OF-USE Support Service Quality VALUE FOR MONEY
***** ***** **** **** ***** *****
  • Effectiveness: DirectPass is an extremely effective password manager that provides top-notch security features and is easy to use.
  • EASE-OF-USE: DirectPass is user-friendly, whether you’re an experienced user or just starting; its dashboard is intuitive and makes it easy to handle your passwords.
  • Support: The technical support DirectPass offers is excellent, with different channels where users can seek assistance.
  • Service: DirectPass is a premium password storage service that is worth every penny spent on it.
  • Quality: The quality of the application is first-class, and it operates smoothly and with no glitches.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: DirectPass is affordably priced, considering the extensive features, performance, and security that it provides.

What I Like

I consider DirectPass an exceptional password manager, and some features I like are the automatic form-filler and password generator that make online working simple. I also appreciate its compatibility with iOS devices, which enables me to access my passwords from my phone when I’m on the go.

What I Don’t Like

DirectPass has a few limitations, such as the inability to operate offline and backup to a local device. It relies on the cloud for storing passwords and backups, which may be a turn-off to users who seek total control of their data retention.

What Could Be Better?

Here are some suggestions on how DirectPass could improve:

  • Offline Operations: DirectPass should include the feature to operate offline, which implies users can access their passwords and should be able to edit and save them if internet connectivity is interrupted.
  • Backup Options: Offering users the option to backup their password data at their convenience to a local entity such as an external hard drive or USB stick.
  • Better Mobile Interface: The interface of the DirectPass mobile application should be visually appealing and intuitive and offer some additional features arranged in a simplified manner.

How to Use DirectPass?

Below are the steps to follow to use DirectPass optimally:

Step 1: First, download and install the DirectPass software on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Then, create and set up your DirectPass account by providing your email ID and master password.

Step 3: After logging in, add your various online account logins, website, and applications with username and password details.

Step 4: DirectPass will save all this information for future use. You can use the automatic fill-up feature the next time to access these accounts.

Alternative to DirectPass

Here are three alternatives to DirectPass:


Passwordstate is another strong password manager with the following features: password auditing, password policy enforcement, role-based administration, and compliance reporting.
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LastPass is also a password manager that has a password generator, auto-filling, and cloud syncing as DirectPass. However, it offers some advanced features such as a Password Challenge which ensures you have a unique password for each service.
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KeePass is also an excellent alternative that is open-source and free and has similar features to DirectPass, making it easy to export all your passwords.
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5 FAQs about DirectPass

Q1: How does DirectPass protect my data?

A: DirectPass uses AES-256 encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption algorithms globally, to secure your passwords. It also uses two-factor authentication to ensure secure access.

Q2: Is DirectPass easy to use?

A: Yes, DirectPass is easy to use, and its dashboard is well organized. The application can auto-fill your login credentials and synchronize your passwords across devices for seamless transitioning.

Q3: What happens if I forget my Master Password?

A: DirectPass has no backup of your master password to recover lost ones. However, the application recommends storing your password on your cloud service, not locally.

Q4: Does DirectPass work with non-windows OS?

A: Yes, DirectPass works perfectly on iOS and Android platforms.

Q5: What do I do about password breaches?

A: DirectPass offers an automated scanning system to detect password breaches and notify users when there has been a breach.

Final words

DirectPass is an excellent password manager software that satisfies the needs of users and organizations alike. It provides enhanced security features that users can trust and is easy to maneuver. DirectPass’s usefulness is worth the cost, and is an excellent investment that guarantees the safety of your online accounts’ login details.