ESPN BottomLine Review – Stay Up-to-Date with Sports News Ticker

As a sports enthusiast, keeping up with the latest news and updates about my favorite sports can be a hassle without the right tools. Fortunately, ESPN BottomLine is an exceptional software designed to bring sports fans the latest news, scores, and updates on every sport. For most individuals, ESPN BottomLine is more convenient than having to scour numerous websites to gather information on different sports. In this review, I will discuss the essential features of ESPN BottomLine and everything you need to know about this sports news ticker.

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What’s ESPN BottomLine?

ESPN BottomLine is a real-time news and update ticker that delivers key information on ongoing, upcoming, and completed sports matches. The software works for various sports, including basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and tennis. The ticker keeps scrolling right at the bottom of the computer desktop, displaying the major scores, news headlines, and other important updates that sports enthusiasts need to know. Without needing to open a web browser, the ESPN BottomLine sports news ticker is perfect for multitasking computer users who always want to keep up with the latest news about their favorite sports while doing other things.


Unlike many sports tracking apps, ESPN BottomLine is free to install and use. You do not require any subscriptions or licenses to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and scores.


ESPN BottomLine is a small-sized software, which you can install easily on your Windows or Mac desktop. The software is designed to run in the background as a discrete footer and allows users to carry other tasks on the PC as it keeps updating the latest sports events simultaneously. ESPN BottomLine offers a wide array of features, including live scores, news updates, in-depth analysis, videos, highlights, and much more. The information displayed on the ticker is fresh and kept up-to-date in real-time, making it a reliable source for any sports enthusiast.

Pros & Cons:


• Free of charge
• Covers various popular sports from around the world
• Real-time updates and scoring of your favorite sports matches
• High-quality video highlights of ongoing games
• Well-designed and easy-to-use interface
• The smallest possible footprint on the desktop
• No intrusive advertisements


• The sports ticker may sometimes be intrusive, especially if you are working on a task that demands full concentration on the desktop.

Our Thoughts on ESPN BottomLine

ESPN BottomLine is one of the best sports news tickers worldwide. The software is a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts who do not want to miss any sports updates. One of the strongest aspects of the software is the sheer numbers of sports covered. ESPN BottomLine offers coverage on events ranging from uptight basketball leagues like the NBA, Premier League football, NFL, NHL, and even less popular sports like soccer and tennis. It provides users with real-time score updates, highlights, and news, providing everything a user needs to follow their favorite sports.

One of the things we love about ESPN BottomLine is that it is completely non-intrusive in usage. Users do not experience intrusive advertisements or have to sign up for anything, giving ESPN BottomLine flexibility and the freedom to deliver reliable sports news without the added hassle.

What ESPN BottomLine Identifies

The ESPN BottomLine software delivers the latest sports news, scores, and updates in real-time. The ticker is well-designed, easy to use, and lightweight, gets all the information right on the desktop.

ESPN BottomLine provides users with a vast coverage area. The software covers various sports leagues worldwide and updates users on everything they need to know about their favorite sports. It is also an excellent source for video highlights, providing fans with access to ad-free engaging and thrilling moments of their favorite sports events.

How to Use ESPN BottomLine?

ESPN BottomLine is a simple software to install and use. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the ESPN BottomLine setup file.

Step 2: Run the setup on your Windows or Mac PC and install the software.

Step 3: Launch ESPN BottomLine after installation.

Step 4: Allow the software to run as a "Footer," and the up-to-date sports updates will start scrolling at the bottom of the desktop display.

Step 5: Customize your preferences through the settings menu, such as the type of notification you can receive on significant updates and types of sports that appear in the ticker.

Alternatives to ESPN BottomLine

While ESPN BottomLine is an exceptional software for sports enthusiasts, other sports news tickers can be beneficial as well. Some of the alternatives to ESPN BottomLine include:

1. CBS Sports Dashboard – This software is free and delivers the latest news, scores, and updates to sports fans worldwide. It covers an extensive range of sports events and leagues worldwide, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and much more.

2. MSNBC News Ticker – The software is well-known for delivering the latest news, including sports news, weather updates, and more. Also, the application is free and easy to install and use.

3. ScoreStream Widget – This software is free and provides users with updates on sports events based on GPS location. The software covers various sports events, including high school, college, and professional sports leagues.

5 FAQs about ESPN BottomLine

Q1: Is ESPN BottomLine free to use?

A: Yes, ESPN BottomLine is free to install and use.

Q2: What kind of sports does ESPN BottomLine cover?

A: ESPN BottomLine covers a vast catalog of sports events worldwide, including basketball, soccer, baseball, football, tennis, and a lot more.

Q3: Does ESPN BottomLine contain ads in the ticker?

A: No, ESPN BottomLine does not contain ads in the ticker, providing users with an entirely ad-free sports news ticker.

Q4: Is ESPN BottomLine available for mobile devices?

A: ESPN BottomLine has mobile versions of the software available for both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Q5: Can users customize the information displayed in ESPN BottomLine?

A: Yes, users can customize notifications and select the types of sports that appear on the news ticker from the software’s settings menu.

In Conclusion

For sports enthusiasts looking for the latest breaking news and live scores, ESPN BottomLine delivers. The software is easy to install, free of charge, and non-intrusive. Additionally, the application provides sports updates and highlights in real-time, making it a reliable source for sports fans. Even better, users can customize notifications and select the types of sports that appear on their news ticker. Overall, ESPN Bottomline is an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts looking to stay up-to-date with their favorite sports events and leagues.