HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin Review – A Comprehensive Solution for Enhanced Authentication and Security


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In today’s digital age, where cybersecurity threats are rampant, ensuring the security and reliability of our online identities and information is of utmost importance. With the increasing number of password breaches and hacking attempts, it has become crucial to implement strong authentication measures to protect our online assets. One such solution that aims to address these concerns is HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin.

What does HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin do?

HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is a powerful authentication solution that provides enhanced security and convenience for accessing online applications and systems. It offers a wide range of features designed to protect user accounts, prevent unauthorized access, and simplify the authentication process. Let’s explore some of its core features in detail:

1. Two-Factor Authentication: HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin implements two-factor authentication, requiring users to provide two different forms of identification before granting access. This ensures an extra layer of security, as even if one factor is compromised (such as a password), the account remains secure.

2. Single Sign-On (SSO): With HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin, users can enjoy the convenience of a single sign-on experience. This means that once users authenticate themselves to the system, they gain access to multiple applications without the need to repeatedly enter their credentials. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of password fatigue and simplifies the login process.

3. Risk-Based Authentication: HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin includes a risk-based authentication feature that assesses the level of risk associated with each login attempt. By analyzing various factors such as the device used, location, and user behavior, it can identify suspicious activities and trigger additional security measures if necessary. This helps organizations proactively detect and mitigate potential threats before they can cause harm.

4. Mobile Device Support: In today’s mobile-centric world, the ability to use smartphones and tablets for secure authentication is crucial. HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin offers comprehensive support for mobile devices, enabling users to leverage their mobile phones as an authentication factor. This allows for a seamless and convenient authentication experience, regardless of the device being used.


Here is a breakdown of the pricing options for HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin:

Product Pricing
Standard Edition $3,500 per year
Enterprise Edition Custom pricing
Cloud Edition Custom pricing

Review Ratings:

Let’s now analyze HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin in terms of its effectiveness, ease-of-use, support, service, quality, and value for money. Each aspect will be rated on a scale of 5 yellow stars, with 5 being the highest rating.

Aspect Rating
Effectiveness ★★★★☆
Ease-of-Use ★★★★★
Support ★★★☆☆
Service ★★★★☆
Quality ★★★★☆
Value for Money ★★★☆☆
  • Effectiveness: HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin offers an impressive range of features that enhance authentication and security. While it may not be completely foolproof, it provides a strong layer of protection against unauthorized access and potential breaches.
  • Ease-of-Use: The user interface of HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is intuitive and user-friendly. The installation and deployment processes are straightforward, and the software seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, making it easy for both administrators and end-users to adapt to this solution.
  • Support: While the support provided by HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is generally satisfactory, there have been instances where users faced delays in response times and encountered challenges in getting their issues resolved. However, the online knowledge base and documentation provided by HID GlobalActivID is extensive and helpful.
  • Service: HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin offers reliable service with regular updates and feature enhancements. The software undergoes rigorous testing to ensure stability and performance, providing users with a seamless experience.
  • Quality: The overall quality of HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is impressive. The software is robust and reliable, with minimal downtimes or glitches. However, there is always room for improvement, especially in terms of enhancing compatibility with a wider range of applications and systems.
  • Value for Money: Considering the price point of HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin, the value for money is somewhat subjective. While the software offers a comprehensive set of features and strong security measures, the cost may be prohibitive for some organizations, particularly smaller businesses on a limited budget.

What I Like:

HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin has several noteworthy aspects that make it a compelling solution for businesses and individuals seeking enhanced security and convenience. Firstly, the two-factor authentication feature provides peace of mind, knowing that an extra layer of security is in place to protect user accounts. The single sign-on capability is also highly beneficial, reducing the need for multiple passwords while ensuring easy access to various applications. Additionally, the risk-based authentication feature serves as a proactive defense against potential threats, enabling organizations to detect suspicious activities before they escalate into major security breaches.

What I Don’t Like:

Although HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin has many positive attributes, there are a few areas that could be improved. Firstly, while support is generally satisfactory, there have been instances where users faced challenges regarding response times and issue resolution. This aspect could be further optimized to enhance user satisfaction. Additionally, the software’s pricing might be a deterrent for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget, limiting its accessibility.

What Could Be Better:

1. More Integration Options: HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin could benefit from expanding its compatibility with a wider range of applications and systems. This would ensure seamless integration and enable users to leverage the solution across various platforms.

2. Enhanced Mobile Experience: While HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin offers mobile device support, there is room for improvement in terms of user experience and functionality. Improving the mobile app and optimizing its performance would further enhance convenience and accessibility.

3. Streamlined Support Processes: As highlighted earlier, the support provided by HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin could be more efficient. Streamlining support processes and reducing response times would greatly benefit users, ensuring their issues are addressed promptly.

How to Use HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin:

Using HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Install the HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin software on the desired system or server.
2. Configure the authentication settings according to your organization’s requirements.
3. Enroll and register users within the system, ensuring their devices are linked and authorized.
4. Users can access the protected applications by initiating the HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin process, which typically involves providing their username and password, followed by a second authentication factor (such as a one-time password generated by the mobile app).
5. Once authenticated, users can seamlessly access the various applications within their authorized scope without needing to provide credentials repeatedly.

Alternatives to HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin:

Although HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is a robust and comprehensive authentication solution, there are a few alternatives worth considering. Let’s explore three notable alternatives:

1. RSA SecurID: RSA SecurID is a widely recognized and industry-leading authentication solution that offers multi-factor authentication and risk-based analytics. It provides a range of authentication methods, including hardware tokens, software tokens, and mobile applications. Download Link

2. Duo Security: Duo Security offers a cloud-based authentication platform that combines multi-factor authentication and comprehensive access controls. It supports a variety of authentication methods such as push notifications, SMS passcodes, security keys, and biometrics. Download Link

3. Okta: Okta is an identity management platform that provides secure authentication, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication. It offers a seamless user experience with a wide range of authentication methods and integrates well with various applications and systems. Download Link

5 FAQs about HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin:

Q1: Is HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin compatible with different operating systems?

A: Yes, HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Q2: Can HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin be integrated with existing Active Directory infrastructure?

A: Yes, HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, making it easy to deploy and manage within an organization’s existing infrastructure.

Q3: Can HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin be customized to meet specific organizational requirements?

A: Yes, HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin offers customization options, allowing organizations to tailor the solution to their specific needs and requirements.

Q4: Does HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin provide reporting and auditing capabilities?

A: Yes, HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin includes robust reporting and auditing features that help track user activity, monitor authentication attempts, and identify potential security risks.

Q5: Is HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin suitable for small businesses?

A: While HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is used by organizations of all sizes, the pricing may be a barrier for small businesses. However, HID GlobalActivID offers different editions, including a cloud edition, which may be more suitable for smaller organizations.

Final Words:

In conclusion, HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin is a comprehensive authentication solution that offers enhanced security and convenience. With its robust features, including two-factor authentication, single sign-on, risk-based authentication, and mobile device support, it provides organizations and users with an effective defense against unauthorized access and potential breaches. While there are areas for improvement, such as support efficiency and pricing, HID GlobalActivID SecureLogin remains a strong contender in the field of authentication solutions. It is highly recommended for organizations seeking to strengthen their security measures and streamline the authentication process.