How to Adjust File Size of Photo on iPhone

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, taking photos and sharing them with friends and family has become an essential part of our daily lives. But, the high-quality images captured by our iPhones can quickly eat up the storage space on the device. Fortunately, adjusting the file size of photos on iPhone is not a complicated task. However, many iPhone users struggle with this process. Therefore, we have written this article to guide iPhone users on how to adjust the file size of their photos without compromising on the image quality.

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What’s Needed

Before proceeding with the process of adjusting the file size of photos on the iPhone, you must ensure the following:

1. An iPhone with an updated version of iOS
2. Ensure enough storage space on the device
3. Basic knowledge of using an iPhone’s settings and photo applications

What Requires Your Focus?

Adjusting file size of photos on iPhone requires your attention on the following:

1. Image Quality: Reducing the file size of a photo might compromise the image quality, so you must choose the appropriate method that suits your desired image quality.
2. Third-party applications: Some third-party applications can deliver better results, but it can be challenging to trust the application with your photos.
3. User Convenience: Choosing a method that suits your requirements and is easy for you to execute will help you complete the task without any inconvenience.

Different Methods to Adjust File Size of Photo on iPhone

There are numerous methods that one can use to adjust the file size of photos on the iPhone. However, we have shortlisted the three best methods that deliver excellent results.

Method 1: Using the Built-in Photo App

The built-in photo application in iPhone helps users to edit their photos in various ways, including adjusting the file size.

Steps to use the Built-in Photo App:

1. Launch the Photos application on your iPhone.
2. Select the photo you wish to adjust the file size for.
3. Tap on Edit in the top right corner of your screen.
4. Tap the Crop & Rotate icon at the bottom.
5. Tap on the Aspect Ratio icon on the top left of the screen.
6. Select the Resize option, and it will provide you with predefined sizes to reduce the photo.
7. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the size by dragging the vertical bars present on the edges of the screen.
8. Select Done to save the changes you have made to the photo.

– Quick and Effective
– No Third-Party Application required

– Limited to predefined sizes
– No precise control over image quality

Method 2: Using iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is an excellent tool for managing and storing your photos on your iPhone or any iCloud enabled device. It also provides an option to optimize photos for device storage, which reduces the file size of the photo.

Steps to use iCloud Photo Library:

1. Go to Settings and select your name.
2. Select iCloud, and then Photos.
3. Toggle on iCloud Photos and select Optimize iPhone storage.
4. Once enabled, iCloud automatically reduces the file size of the photo.

– Automatically reduces the file size of all photos
– Cloud Backup of photos

– Requires Internet Connectivity for processing photos
– Subscription to iCloud storage required for more than 5GB of photos.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party Application

There are numerous third-party applications available in the App store that provide advanced features to edit and modify your photos on an iPhone. One such application is Adobe Lightroom.

Steps to use Adobe Lightroom:

1. Download and Install the Adobe Lightroom Application from the App Store.
2. Launch the application and import the photo to reduce.
3. Select the Edit Tab, present at the bottom of the screen.
4. Tap on the Crop and Rotate icon.
5. Adjust the image dimensions to your desired size.
6. Tap Save.
7. You can also save the photo in different file formats, including JPG and PNG.

– Advanced features for photo editing
– Multiple file format export options

– Subscription required for using advanced features
– Third-Party application with access to your photos.

Why Can’t I Reduce The File Size of Photo on iPhone?

1. Non-optimized photo storage: Space limitations can act as a significant constraint.
Fix: Use iCloud Photo Library or another cloud storage service to store your photos.

2. Incorrect Image Compression Method:
Fix: Choose the correct method, so the image quality is not over-compromised.

3. Software Issues: In some cases, iPhone users may face software issues while trying to reduce the photo size.
Fix: Update iPhone software to the latest version available.

Implications and Recommendations

Adjusting the file size of photos can help you manage your storage space efficiently. However, it requires careful attention and follow-through of some recommended practices. It is essential to back up all your photos to a cloud storage service and regularly delete any unwanted or unused photos to save space. Moreover, adopt a method that suits you, is convenient for you to use, and balances between file size and quality.

5 FAQs about Adjusting The File Size of Photo on iPhone

Q1: What should be the ideal file size for sharing photos over social media platforms?

A: Generally, the ideal file size for sharing photos over social media platforms must be under 2MB.

Q2: Will reducing the file size of a photo affect the image quality?

A: Yes, reducing the file size of a photo will affect the image quality, but it depends on the method you use.

Q3: Will the iPhone automatically reduce the file size of photos?

A: Yes. If you enable the Optimize iPhone Storage option in iCloud Photo Library, iPhone will automatically reduce the file size of your photos.

Q4: Can I revert to my original photo after reducing its file size?

A: No, once you reduce the photo size, you can’t revert to the original image.

Q5: Why should I trust a third-party application with my photos?

A: It’s essential to choose a reputable application that is well known and has good reviews. Always check the privacy policy of the application and read reviews before making a decision.

Final Words

Adjusting the file size of your photos on the iPhone can seem complicated and daunting. However, by following the methods we suggested, you can reduce your photos and preserve your storage space without compromising image quality. It is encouraged to manage your photos regularly, back them up to a cloud storage service, and delete any unnecessary photos to maintain enough storage space.