How to Block Unknown Phone Calls on iPhone

Phone calls from unknown numbers can be really annoying especially when you’re not expecting any important calls. These calls can disrupt your daily schedule and waste precious time. But with an iPhone, you can easily block these unknown callers and regain control over your phone. In this article, we’ll take a look at different methods you can use to block unwanted or unknown calls on iPhone.

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What’s Needed

In order to block unknown or unwanted phone calls on your iPhone, you will need an iPhone device running on iOS 7 or later and an active phone line with a carrier.

What Requires Your Focus?

To block unknown calls on iPhone, you need to focus on the following key points:

– Identifying the unknown caller
– Blocking the number using different methods
– Checking the blocked call list to ensure that no important calls are blocked accidentally

Different Methods to Block Unknown Phone Calls on iPhone

Here are three effective methods you can use to block unknown phone calls on your iPhone:

Method 1: Using the iPhone Settings

Before iOS 7, blocking phone numbers on iPhone was not possible. But with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple introduced a built-in feature that allows you to block calls from specific numbers.


1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
2. Scroll down and click on Phone
3. Click on Blocked Contacts


1. To add a number to the block list, tap on "Add New…"
2. Choose the contact you want to block from your contacts list or enter a new number manually.
3. Click Block this Caller
4. The blocked number should now appear in the list of blocked contacts


– Simple and straightforward to use
– Quickly blocks incoming calls from unwanted numbers
– No need to download any third-party apps


– The caller can still leave a voicemail message
– You need to know the phone number of the caller to add it to the blocked list
– You can only block calls from specific numbers, not all unknown callers

Method 2: Using Third-party Apps

If you want a more comprehensive solution for blocking unwanted phone calls, you can use third-party call blocking apps.


1. Download and install a trusted third-party blocking app from the App Store.


1. Open the app and follow the prompts to allow it access to your call log and contacts
2. In the app settings, you can choose to block different types of calls, such as known spam numbers or calls from blocked numbers.
3. The app will automatically block any numbers that match the criteria you have set.


– Offers more advanced features than the built-in blocking feature on iPhone
– Can automatically block known spam numbers and fraudulent calls
– Can block calls from all unknown callers


– You need to download and install a third-party app
– Some apps may require a subscription fee to access all features
– Some apps may access your personal data and information

Method 3: Using Carrier Services

Some carriers offer call blocking services that can help you block unwanted calls, including calls from unknown numbers.


1. Contact your carrier’s customer service to check if they offer call blocking services.
2. If they do offer such services, they will provide you with the instructions to enable it.


1. Follow the instructions provided by your carrier to enable the call blocking service.
2. The service will automatically filter out unwanted calls and redirect them to voicemail or a recorded message.


– Can block calls from all unknown callers
– Provides a more holistic approach to call blocking
– Provided by the carrier, so no need to download any third-party app


– May not be available to all customers or carriers
– May require an additional fee to enable the service
– May not work effectively for all types of unwanted calls

Why Can’t I Block Any Unknown Phone Calls?

If you are still receiving calls from unknown numbers even after you have blocked them, it could be due to the following reasons:

1. Some callers may be using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service to mask their number or use a fake number.
Fix: Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to block these calls. You can try using a third-party app or contact your carrier for more assistance.

2. The caller may be using a different number each time they call you.
Fix: In this case, you can try blocking any numbers that share the same area code or prefix as the unknown call.

3. Your phone might have a software or hardware issue that prevents you from blocking calls.
Fix: Restart your device and try to block the number again. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Apple Support for assistance.

Implications and Recommendations

Blocking unknown phone calls can help you maintain your privacy and avoid unwanted interruptions. However, it’s important to ensure that you don’t accidentally block important calls, especially from colleagues, friends, or family members. To avoid this, regularly check your blocked contacts list and remove any unintended blocked numbers.

5 FAQs about Blocking Unknown Phone Calls on iPhone

Q1: How do I unblock a number on iPhone?

A: To unblock a number on iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts > Edit > Delete the number you want to unblock.

Q2: Can I block calls from unknown numbers on iPhone without a third-party app?

A: Yes, you can block calls from unknown numbers using the built-in blocking feature on iPhone or carrier services.

Q3: Can I block text messages from unknown numbers on iPhone?

A: Yes, you can block text messages from unknown numbers on iPhone using the same methods used for blocking phone calls.

Q4: Will blocking a number on iPhone automatically block text messages from the same number?

A: Yes, blocking a number on iPhone will automatically block text messages and FaceTime calls from the same number.

Q5: If I block a caller on iPhone, will they be notified?

A: No, the blocked caller will not receive any notification that they have been blocked. They will simply hear your phone ring a few times before being redirected to voicemail.

In Conclusion

Unknown phone calls can be a pain, but thankfully, there are several methods you can use to block them on your iPhone. Whether you choose to use the built-in blocking feature, third-party apps, or carrier services, you can regain control over your phone and protect your privacy. Additionally, remember to regularly check your blocked contacts list to ensure you are not accidentally blocking important calls.