How to Bypass The Lock Screen on An Android

One of the most annoying situations that we face every day is when we forget the lock screen password for our Android phone. It not only frustrates us, but also causes a lot of trouble as important data, contacts, and messages are stored within our phones. Therefore, bypassing the lock screen becomes an essential task for us. In this blog, we will discuss several methods that can be used to accomplish this task.

The blog is written keeping in mind that sometimes we might forget our screen lock passwords or get locked out of our phones. This blog is not intended to encourage malicious activities and we strongly advise our readers to use this material only for educational purposes.

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What’s Needed

Before starting, we need to gather a few things. As we will be bypassing the lock screen of an Android phone, we’ll need a computer, a USB cable, and an Android device. Moreover, some of the methods require the developer option to be enabled. So, we’ll start by enabling it on our Android device.

What Requires Your Focus?

To perform any method, all you need is patience and careful attention. Some methods require several steps and require more time and effort than others to get past the lock screen. So, pay attention to the details, and don’t skip any part of the process.

Different Methods to Bypass the Lock Screen on An Android

Method 1: Using “Forgot Pattern

Using "Forgot Pattern" is one of the simplest methods to bypass the lock screen on an Android device. This method won’t work on all devices, but it’s worth trying if you haven’t enabled the "OEM Unlocking" option.


1. Enter the wrong pattern or password five times until the device shows "Try again in X seconds".
2. Tap "Forgot Pattern" or "Forgot Password".
3. Enter the Google account linked to your device.
4. Create a new pattern or password.
5. Enter the new pattern or password on your device to bypass the lock screen.

– Simple and easy method
– No technical skills required

– Won’t work on all devices.
– Requires an active internet connection

Method 2: Via Smart Lock

If you have enrolled in the Smart Lock feature, you can easily bypass the lock screen on your Android device.


1. Ensure that your Android device is connected to the internet.
2. Call your phone from another device and accept the call.
3. Click on the "Add call" icon and use the new call icon to open the dialer.
4. Type the unlock password or pattern on the dialer pad and press the call button.

– Simple and works on all Android devices.
– No technical skills required.

– The device must have Smart Lock enabled.
– Won’t work on devices with strict security settings.

Method 3: Using ADB to Remove Password

This method requires ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to be installed on your PC and debugging mode to be enabled on your Android device.


1. Connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable.
2. Enable debugging mode on your Android device.
3. Open Command Prompt on your computer.
4. Type "adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key" and press "Enter".
5. Reboot your device and the lock screen should be bypassed.

– Effective method if you have access to the device’s development options and debugging mode.
– No need to download any additional software.

– Requires access to the developer options and debugging mode.
– Requires technical knowledge of ADB commands.

Method 4: Factory Reset

If all other methods fail, then the factory reset option is your last resort. Keep in mind that this option will erase all the data on your device, including contacts, messages, media, etc., and will reset the device to its original state.


1. Turn off your Android device.
2. Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button simultaneously until the device vibrates.
3. Release both buttons when the Android logo appears.
4. Use the Volume Down button to navigate the menu and highlight the option "wipe data/factory reset".
5. Press the Power button to select the option.
6. Use the Volume Down button to highlight "Yes – delete all user data".
7. Press the power button to confirm the reset.
8. Wait for the factory reset to complete and reboot the device.

– It’s a sure-shot method to unlock the device.
– Doesn’t require an internet connection.

– Will erase all data on your device.
– Requires access to the device.

Why Can’t I Bypass the Lock Screen on My Android?

There could be many reasons why you can’t bypass the lock screen on your Android device. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. Device Encryption

If the device’s encryption is enabled, then you can’t bypass the lock screen. In this case, factory reset is the only solution.

2. Strong Security Settings

If your Android device has strong security settings, it’s difficult to bypass the lock screen using basic methods. In this case, you may require professional help or use specialized software.

3. Modified Device

If your Android device is rooted or modified, then it might not be able to bypass the lock screen using basic methods. You may require advanced software to unlock the device.

Implications and Recommendations

Bypassing the lock screen on your Android device can be a risk. Unauthorized access to your device can lead to identity theft, loss of sensitive data, and unauthorized use of your resources.

Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your device safe by setting strong passwords and ensuring that you don’t forget them. Consider using third-party apps that can help you recover your password or act as a backup. Also, ensure that your Android device is updated and secured with the latest security patches.

5 FAQs about Bypassing the Lock Screen on An Android

Q1: Is bypassing the lock screen on an Android device legal?

A: Bypassing the lock screen of an Android device is not illegal if it’s done for legitimate purposes. However, it’s illegal if it’s used for malicious purposes.

Q2: What is the risk of bypassing the lock screen?

A: Bypassing the lock screen on an Android device can lead to unauthorized access, data theft, and unauthorized use of your resources.

Q3: Is it possible to bypass the lock screen on all Android devices?

A: No, the method to bypass the lock screen differs for different Android devices, and some devices may have strong security settings that can’t be bypassed using basic methods.

Q4: Can I recover my data after a factory reset?

A: If you have previously backed up your data, you can restore it after a factory reset. However, if you haven’t backed up your data, it will be erased permanently.

Q5: How do I prevent forgetting my device’s unlock password?

A: Use a password manager app to save and manage your passwords. Also, consider using biometric authentication like fingerprint or face recognition for added security.

Final Words

Bypassing the lock screen on an Android device becomes essential when we forget our passwords. However, it’s important to exercise caution and use the methods mentioned in this blog only for legitimate purposes. Remember that strong passwords and updated security settings are your first line of defense against unauthorized access.