How to Connect Controller to Cod Mobile iPhone

Cod Mobile is one of the most popular games in the mobile gaming world due to its unique features & gameplay. It’s a shooting game that offers an amazing gaming experience to players. The on-screen controls of Cod Mobile are not always feasible for everyone to use during gaming. Thus, connecting a controller to your iPhone is a reasonable idea to experience smooth controls.

If you’re wondering how to connect a controller to Cod Mobile, this article is for you. Today, we will guide you through the process that can help you connect your controller to Cod Mobile on your iPhone.

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What’s Needed

If you want to connect your controller to Cod Mobile on your iPhone, you will need the following things:

  • iPhone
  • Controller (any updated version of the controllers)
  • Lightning Cable/Charging Cable for your Controller
  • A relevant App from App Store

What Requires Your Focus?

Before performing any method, be sure to check whether your iPhone & controller is compatible with each other.

Different Methods to Connect Controller to Cod Mobile iPhone

Here are some methods that you can use to connect your controller to Cod Mobile on your iPhone:

Method 1: Using an Apple-certified Controller

If you are already using a controller that has Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone) logo on it, connecting it to your iPhone is quite simple and takes only a few seconds.


  1. Turn on your controller
  2. Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone
  3. Select the Bluetooth option and turn it ON
  4. Now turn on your controller and put it in pairing mode
  5. Select the controller from the list of available devices
  6. Tap on it to connect and it will show the message connected
  7. Open the game, and start playing it with your controller


  • It’s very easy to use your iPhone with your MFi game controller.
  • It allows you to enjoy console-like gameplay with your iPhone, making gaming experiences smoother & better.
  • Limited chances of lagging or freezing issues


  • The cost of an MFi game controller can be somewhat expensive
  • Not all controllers are compatible with Apple’s MFi logo
  • If the controller gets low on battery, it may disconnect your pairing while you’re gaming.

Method 2: Via the Steam Link App

Steam Link is an app that lets you stream PC games to your iPhone It also features a fully functional mobile hub, making it easier for you to connect and enjoy using a controller with Cod Mobile on your iPhone.


  1. Download Steam Link from App Store and Install it on your iPhone
  2. Pair your iPhone with your computer, you can connect it to the same Wi-Fi network
  3. Turn on your controller
  4. On the Steam Link app, go to the Controller icon on the top left
  5. Click on ‘Bluetooth Gamepad’ and the controller will start to pair
  6. Once ready, open Cod Mobile on your iPhone, and start playing with your controller


  • Less lagging issues compared to other methods.
  • Also used for other games and not only limited to Cod mobile
  • You don’t need an Apple MFI certified controller


  • You would need to download, install, and sign in to the steam link app.
  • It requires a stable internet connection
  • You would need to have your computer on to connect to your game controller.

Method 3: Using a Third-party App

There are many third-party applications for Cod Mobile like Octopus, Citra, Keymapper that you can use to connect your controller to the game. These apps can also map your controller to the button layout of the game.


  1. Download and install the third-party application from the App Store
  2. Open the app and plug in your controller and check if it’s connecting.
  3. Then Open Cod Mobile and launch the app connected with your controller


  • The use of third-party apps is not limited to Cod Mobile alone.
  • A plethora of third-party app options to choose from.


  • It may not be safe for your iPhone to download third-party apps
  • Some third-party apps come with annoying add-ins or advertisements.
  • It requires more focus and technical skills to set up

Why Can’t I Connect My Controller to Cod Mobile?

Here are some reasons why you can’t connect your controller:

1. Un-updated Version of iOS:

Ensure that your iOS is updated to the latest version available else it may cause compatibility issues.

2. Old Version of Controllers:

If your controller is outdated or not updated to the latest version, it may cause issues connecting the controller to your iPhone.

3. Not Following Proper Method:

Ensure that you’re following the right method to connect the controller to your iPhone. If none of the methods provided works, try rebooting iPhone and controller and reconnect them again.


  • Update your iOS version to the latest version
  • Upgrade to the latest version of your controller hardware or firmware.
  • Ensure you follow the recommended methods to connect your controller to Cod mobile.

Implications and Recommendations

Connecting a game controller to your iPhone to enhance your gaming experience can bring many benefits. It can make gaming smoother, better and easier. Therefore, we recommend using the right method to connect your controller to Cod Mobile that best fits your needs. Ensure that your method is safe and reliable for your iPhone and controller.

5 FAQs About Connecting Controller to Cod Mobile iPhone

Q1: What Gaming Controllers are Compatible with iPhone?

A: Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone) game controllers are compatible with iPhones. There are many options available in the market that are certified by Apple to use with iPhones.

Q2: Can I Only Connect My Controller with Cod Mobile Using Bluetooth?

A: You can also use a third-party application or a steam link app to connect your controller to Cod Mobile. It is not necessary to connect only via Bluetooth.

Q3: Can I Use My Xbox or Playstation Controller with My iPhone?

A: You have to check your controller’s compatibility with iPhones. If it is compatible, you can use it to connect it to your phone.

Q4: Can I Connect More Than One Controller to My iPhone?

A: It depends on the games you are playing. Some games allow multiplayer games on the same device, while others don’t. Cod mobile offers multiplayer games, and you can connect two controllers to iPhone for multiplayer purposes.

Q5: Is it Safe to Use Third-party Apps to Connect My Controller to My iPhone?

A: Downloading and using third-party apps has some risks as they may contain spywares and malwares. Ensure that you follow the recommended methods and check the app reviews before downloading them from any app store.

In Conclusion

We hope this article helped you connect a controller to Cod Mobile on your iPhone. Be sure to check if your device and controller are compatible with each other. Try using different methods if one method doesn’t work for you. With these methods, you can increase your gaming experience with the use of a gaming controller for Cod Mobile.