How to Download Photos from Lg Android Phone to Computer

LG phones are some of the most popular Android phone brands. They are responsible for some of the most remarkable features we find on our smartphones. One of the most important features of Android phones is the camera. The LG phone cameras are quite impressive and we prefer to keep the pictures we take on our PC. However, many LG phone users do not know how to transfer their pictures from their LG phone to their PC. Transferring files from your LG Android phone to a computer is easy, and in this guide, you will learn the different methods you can use to download photos from your LG phone to a computer.

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What’s Needed

  • A USB cable for your LG phone
  • The LG phone you want to transfer photos from
  • A computer
  • The USB drivers for your LG phone installed on the computer

What Requires Your Focus?

You need to have full attention when transferring pictures from your LG phone to your computer. There are many steps to follow, making it easy to make mistakes. You also need to ensure that your phone’s battery is not empty, and the phone’s USB debugging mode is enabled. In case you encounter an error, ensure that you understand the error message before trying to find a solution.

Different Methods to Download Photos from LG Android Phone to Computer

Method 1: Via USB Connection

This is the easiest method of transferring files from an LG phone to a computer. Here are the steps:

  1. Connect the LG phone to the USB port of the computer using a USB cable.
  2. The phone will be detected automatically by your computer’s control panel, and your device will confirm when connected.
  3. On your LG phone, tap "Media device (MTP)" on the phone notification panel.
  4. Go to File Explorer on your pc and select the files you would like to copy from your LG phone.
  5. After selecting the files, click and drag them to a folder on your pc to start copying the files.


  • It’s the easiest method to use
  • It’s also fast


  • You can only transfer media files like photos and videos using this method
  • You need to have a USB cable

Method 2: Via Google Photos

You can also transfer photos from your LG phone to your computer using the Google Photos app. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the Google Photos app on your LG phone.
  2. Open the Google Photos app and tap the three lines at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select settings and then tap "Back up & sync". Turn it on.
  4. After all your photos have been backed up, open on your computer and sign in with your google account.
  5. All your photos will be displayed on the page; select the photos you want to download to your computer, and click "Download" or "Download All" option at the top menu.


  • You access photos taken by your LG phone on any device with a web browser
  • You don’t need cables or software to start transferring photos


  • You need an internet connection for this method
  • Photos may take long to upload to Google Photos depending on their size and your internet speed

Method 3: Via Bluetooth Connection

This is another popular method of transferring files between devices. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Switch on Bluetooth on both your LG phone and your computer.
  2. Make sure that your LG phone is in discoverable mode by going to settings and Bluetooth settings.
  3. Pair your LG phone with your computer by clicking "Pair with a device".
  4. Find the files you want to send in the gallery app or your file manager app.
  5. Select the files you want to send, click the three dots, and select "Share" or “Send Via Bluetooth”. Select your computer to start sending the files.
  6. Accept the files on your computer.


  • You don’t need cables or internet to connect devices
  • You can transfer all kinds of files using this method


  • It’s the slowest method compared to other methods
  • Bluetooth signal interference may slow down or interrupt transfers

Why Can’t I Download Photos from LG Android Phone to Computer?

There are several reasons why you cannot download photos from your LG Android phone to your computer, such as:

1. Incorrect USB Connection Settings

If your LG Android phone is not in media device (MTP) mode, you won’t be able to transfer your files. So, make sure that the USB connection is set correctly to "Media device (MTP)" on the phone notification panel.

2. Missing USB Drivers

If the drivers for your LG Android phone are not installed on your computer, your phone won’t be detected. You should install the drivers that correspond to the specific phone model you have.

3. USB Cable Issue

If the issue persists, try changing the USB cable that you’re using. A damaged USB cable can cause connection errors.

Implications and Recommendations

Downloading photos from your LG Android phone to a computer is a simple process. The method you choose depends on your preference and the resources you have at your disposal. If you are not sure which method to use, the most convenient method is using a USB cable since it’s the simplest method. Ensure that you follow the steps outlined in this guide and stay focused to avoid making mistakes.

5 FAQs About Downloading Photos from LG Android Phone to Computer

Q1. How can I copy photos from my LG Android phone to a computer using a USB cable?

A1. Connect your LG phone to your computer via a USB cable, enable MTP connection mode, and drag and drop or copy the photos to your PC.

Q2. Can I transfer my LG phone pictures to a computer without a USB cable?

A2. Yes, you can use methods like Bluetooth and Google Photos to transfer pictures from your LG phone to your computer without a USB cable.

Q3. Can I download all of my photos from my LG phone to my computer at once?

A3. Yes, you can. Use the copy-all option on your phone or click "Download all" option in Google Photos to download all your photos to your computer.

Q4. How can I troubleshoot if my LG phone is not detected by my computer?

A4. Ensure the LG driver software is installed on your computer, check the USB port, and make sure USB debugging mode is enabled.

Q5. Are there any limitations to the number of photos I can download via Bluetooth?

A5. There is no direct limit on the number of photos you can transfer via Bluetooth; however, you may experience slow transfer speeds when transferring large files.

In Conclusion

Downloading photos from your LG Android phone to your computer is not complicated. There are different methods to transfer files, including using a USB cable, Google Photos, and Bluetooth. It’s critical to ensure that you follow the steps outlined in this guide. You also need to have full concentration when performing any of the methods. Remember to check USB debugging mode, install LG drivers, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Ensure that you choose a reliable method of transferring files and always use high-quality cables.