How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone to PC or Mac

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WhatsApp is one of the highest and top rated online messenger used by billions of users. And it is quite expected that you are using it too on a daily basis. Whether you are chatting with your families and friends, exchanging pictures with your colleagues or making voice and video phone calls to your dear one; WhatsApp provide all these features in one handy application. It can be predicted that after using it for a while, you will have piles and chunks of messages and pictures stored on your WhatsApp.


But what is all these messages are accidentally deleted due to hardware or software failure on your iPhone? Or maybe they can be erased when you try to update your iPhone or you can accidentally delete them by yourself without knowing. In all these scenarios, there's absolutely no upside and you will end up losing all the precious and memorable chats and attachments.


So, it is really very crucial and important to back up your entire WhatsApp chat history so that even if you lose them for any reason, you will have option to restore them. In this short chapter, we will show you how to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone so that you can keep a backup of your conversation and later use it to restore these chats if required.

Method #1: Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone with iCloud

WhatsApp does provide an in-built backup feature that can regularly backup your conversation history and store it on your iCloud server. But first, you will have to enable the service from your iCloud and use it as your advantage to backup WhatsApp messages. Follow these steps to achieve this task.


Step 1: Tap on "Settings" from your iPhone Home Screen followed by "iCloud".


Step 2: Touch on iCloud Drive and turn it on if it is not already.


Step 3: Have a glance on the full list of apps and make sure that WhatsApp is toggled "ON" as well.


Step 4: Now, start the WhatsApp app and tap on "Settings". Scroll to Chat Settings and touch on "Chat Backup" followed by "Backup Now" to immediately create a backup of your messages and pictures.


backup whatsapp messages on iphone to iCloud


Step 5: To schedule a regular backup, you should turn on "Auto Backup" and specify the time interval.


That's it. WhatsApp will generate automatic backup on your scheduled time regularly. But this part is only eligible for those who are using iCloud. Also the backup will be saved on your iCloud and it may be overwritten every time you sync your phone with iCloud. Also, this method can be complicated if you are a novice iPhone user. If you want to backup WhatsApp messages with only few clicks and save the conversation backup file on your computer then keep on reading to find out how to do that.

Method #2: Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone to PC or Mac

Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus is an extreme and immense program used to generate backup of your full WhatsApp messages and transfer them to Mac or PC with only few clicks on your mouse. The program is really very fast and you will be amazed to see how quickly it can back up your messages. You don't need any iCloud or iTunes account for this method to work and also you can use the same program to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android and iPhone. Please follow the steps to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone right now.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Step 1 Install Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus on Mac/PC

From your computer, head on to the official website and download the program. It is supported in both Windows and Mac platform, so make sure to download the compatible version and install it on the desired location. Launch the program to see the main interface of the tool.


Mobiledic WhatsApp transfer for Windows and Mac


Step 2 Connect iPhone 7/6S/6/5S to Mac/PC

Connect your iPhone to computer using a USB data cable and let the software recognize your device automatically. The program will read and display the entire list of WhatsApp conversation on the display screen. You can also read all the chats by clicking on the contact name and then glancing on the right side of the program.


Step 3 Preview and Transfer WhatsApp Messages on iPhone to PC or Mac

Click on the iPhone name that belongs to you from the left side pane of the software and click on "Backup Message" icon that looks like a little floppy drive to download all the conversation to your computer. Alternatively, you can right-click on your device name and select "Backup Messages". Give the output file any name and click on "Confirm" to save the messages on your computer.


Note: If you want to backup selected contact messages then simply right-click on the name of the person and click on "Backup Messages from this contact".


whatsapp transfer from ios to android


While, we have discussed how to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone in this tutorial but you can use the same program to backup WhatsApp messages on Android phones as well. The procedure will remain same and you do not require any third party extension like iCloud or iTunes to save your conversation. You should backup your conversation history regularly to avoid any kind of data loss due to several reasons. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed and found this article useful. Stay tuned for more!


Windows Version
Mac Version



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