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Nearly all Apple users  should be familiar with iCloud backup service, it's Apple's online storage service which can be able to help users keeps all devices in sync, but it's not a file-sharing service like Dropbox. iCloud provides an amazing way to back up data that stored on your iPhone, iPad and iPod, and  you can share information between an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and a computer wirelessly. In most cases,  you may need to download iCloud backup to your computer and want to check what content in it. But in fact, Apple doesn't allow you to access them in iCloud. Technically, users can't directly download and extract data from iCloud backup because it's a Cloud data type with displaying as code. This data package  maintains  a fairly complicated backup storage between different types of iDevices.


Although the user currently was not allowed to download iCloud backup to PC in official method,  there were other ways to help users legitimately and safely extract data from iCloud to PC without data loss. Mobiledic iCloud Backup Extractor program, a trusted program that can completely help users see all iCloud backup files and download iCloud backup files to their computer without data loss. It also enable users to extract data from iTunes backup.


So, when you wish to extract photos from PhotosSteam on iCloud, export contacts from iCloud to computer, what ever it is, try this program, maybe it works for you.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Download iCloud Backup to Computer (PC/Mac)

Step 1 Run the Program and Login iCloud Account

Assume that you're already installed the program on your Windows or Mac computer, run it, then select the third recovery mode on the left side - "Recover from iCloud Backup Files". You will be prompted to enter your iCloud account and password. 


Note: Absolutely please trust in this program, it never record your any information about your ID, it will clear all the operating logs after you closed the program.


Log in the iCloud account


Step 2 Download the iCloud Backup and Start Analyzing

This step, once you login your iCloud ID, all of your iCloud backup files will be listed on the right, select which backup files you want to download and extract, then click "Download" button to download the backup file to your computer for analysis.


Download the iCloud Backup



Step 3 Preview and Start to Extract Data from iCloud Backup

Then the program will deeply analyze all content in your selected backup file, all the scanned files will be displayed on the right side, you can click to preview them easily. Then click the "Recover" button to start extracting data to your computer, you will be asked to specify a path to save your recovered data.


restore data from iCloud backup


So, having an iPhone backup extractor is something that will be of great help to the users of costlier devices from Apple, with it you will never lose your valuable data  event your device is lost or stolen. Now you might have learnt from your past mistake that you should have the backup of the media and other types of files in your iPhone and iPad on a regular basis.


Take A Look at the Key Features:


This trial has all features enabled. Free download it and try to scan your backup.

Windows version
Mac version



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