How to Reset or Erase iPhone/iPad/iPod without Apple ID Password

Posted by on Jul.12, 2017.

If you are planning to sell, giveaway or donate your iPhone to someone that you don't know then it is highly recommended to erase everything on the iPhone before you hand it to the next person. The reason why you should erase all iPhone data is very simple – To protect your identity and to maintain the privacy of your personal and confidential belongings. Plus, if you have ever entered your bank login credentials or have sensitive confidential conversations or have any sort of private and secretive data stored on your iPhone then it should be erased safely and permanently.


This guide is purely based on taking proper precautiosn before you get rid of your iPhone. Everyone knows that a simple deletion is not enough as these deleted files can be recovered using any free iPhone data recovery software. So, in this tutorial, we will take an advanced further step to make all files and data went away permanently from your device. Let's jump in and find out how to achieve that.



Part 1: How to Factory Reset Your iPhone

Factory reset can be helpful to erase all the data and settings from your iPhone. It will delete all the contents from your iPhone and will take your iPhone back to the state like when you first bought it. So, simply follow these steps in this tutorial to factory reset your iPhone.


Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings.


Step 2: Under General Settings, tap on "Reset" followed by "Reset All Contents and Settings".


Step 3: You will receive a warning message that will ask you to confirm if you really want to erase everything from your iPhone. Tap on "Erase iPhone" to continue.


Step 4: Wait few minutes while the factory reset process takes place. Now, restart your iPhone and your iPhone should be empty as new.



The cons of this method is that: not a safe way to erase iPhone since all these deleted data are recoverable. It is not a recommended way to delete files on iPhone, especially, if your iPhone has sensitive and confidential documents and information.


Part 2: Erase iPhone without Apple ID Password via Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser

To make sure all the data and files are deleted permanently from your iPhone, it is recommended to use a professional third party software that guarantees permanent deletion with no recovery option. Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser is the solution to wipe your iPhone clean. It is an amazing and intuitive program that helps to clean your iPhone with a single click on your mouse. It is assured that data and information deleted using this program is certain and permanent.

Mobiledic - iOS Data Eraser
  • Erase all data from iOS device permanently with a single click.
  • Deleted data can never be recovered using any free or paid data recovery software.
  • Best way to make some extra room on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Work with all models of iPhones and iPads including latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Windows version
Mac version

Step 1Install the program and Connect iPhone to PC

Before following the below steps, first, install iOS Data Eraser on your Windows or Mac computer and launch it to see the main features of this program. After running the program on your system, you will be able to see tons of options to choose from. Now, connect your iPhone to your PC to start erasing all data from it.


Connect Your iPod to A Computer


Step 2 Select Data Erasing Mode

To erase your iPhone, click once on "Erase All Data" and following window should appear on the screen. You do not require any Apple ID to use this program. Simply, click on "Erase" and a small pop up window will appear that will ask you to type "Delete" manually using your keyboard to make sure this is not done by mistake.


iPod Data Wiper


Step 3 Wipe iPhone Clean without Password

As soon, you type delete and confirm it, the software will automatically start erasing every single file from your iPhone permanently. Wait few minutes while the process is taking place and make sure not to disconnect your iPhone from PC or else the process will be aborted. When the deletion process is completed, your iPhone will be restarted automatically and you should be able to see the following window.


confirm erasing



Identity protection comes on top priority to keep your information safe and private. Especially, if you are giving your iPhone to a total stranger, it is recommended to make sure your iPhone is clean as new so that no data can be stolen after you have no access to your device. iOS Data Eraser guarantees that your iPhone data and information will be deleted permanently and there is no way you will get these deleted files back at any cost. So, before using this software, make sure to have a full backup of your iPhone to avoid any data loss.

Windows version
Mac version



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