How to Fix a Frozen iPhone/iPad/iPod on Apple Logo or Won't Turn Off

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I received a couple of emails from the readers asking help on how to fix the issues they came across with their iPhone or iPad:


1. iPhone frozen on Apple logo

2. iPhone is frozen and won't turn off

3. iPhone is frozen and won't restart

4. What to do when iPhone freezes and won't turn on


Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad don't really freeze at all if you are not messing up with the firmware and internal software. On the other hand, Apple notified its users that your iOS devices can be unresponsive if it has no charge at all. Moreover, these kind of issues arises when you are jailbreaking your device or updating the system software. The following causes are the top reasons why an iPhone/iPad are frozen or stops responding.

Why iPhone/iPad is Frozen?

The following list is collected from different users who faced such kind of issues and there is a high chance that your device is not responding for the same reason as well.


1. Failed to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad.

2. Interruption during system software update.

3. Low on battery life.

4. Running low on memory.


We have come up with some of our own solutions that will help to fix a frozen iPad/iPhone in no time. Simply follow any method from this guide and you should be able to fix your device.


Method #1: How to Fix a Screen Frozen iPhone by Forcing a Reboot

When your iPhone or iPad doesn't response or keeps turning on and off then you should try to force a restart to dismiss the issue. This usually works and fix all kinds of weird issues you could come across. Please follow the steps to perform a force restart on iPhone or iPad.


Step 1: If you are using iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus then press and hold Sleep and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for few moments until the Apple logo appears on the screen. On the other hand, if you are using iPad then press and hold Sleep and Home button simultaneously together until the Apple logo appears on the display screen.


Step 2: Wait until the device restarts and check if it is responding.


hard reset iphone


Step 3: Usually, if the issue is minor then a force restart is sufficient to aid this trouble. But if it still doesn't help then use the following method instead.


Method #2: How to Fix Frozen iPhone/iPad with iOS System Recovery

If a force restart or recharging your device doesn't resolve the issue then it is time to use a professional third party software that can resolve this issue and make your device responsive again.


We are going to use Mobiledic iOS System Recovery in this guide to fix your frozen and non-responding device. iOS System Recovery is used to fix various iOS system related issues such as while screen, stuck at Apple logo or if the device doesn't perform normally. Not only it will resolve the issue but also it will update your Apple device with the latest firmware.

Windows version
Mac version
Why You should Use iOS System Recovery?
  • Frozen and non-responsive devices can be fixed within few minutes.
  • Resolves the issue if your device is stuck on Apple or iTunes logo.
  • No data loss will occur at all.


Step 1 Download and Install Mobiledic iOS System Recovery on PC or Mac

Before proceeding with the following steps, please make sure to download and install the program on your computer or laptop. If you have done that already then use the following steps to fix your device. Then start the software and select "System Recovery" from the main user interface of the program.


get out of recovery mode



Step 2 Connect iPhone/iPad to Computer and Make iPhone/iPad in DFU Mode

Now connect your Apple device to computer via USB data cable. The software should automatically detect your phone. Click on "Start" button to initiate the process. Next, press Sleep and Home buttons together for about 10 seconds and release the sleep button as soon the phone starts while keep holding the Home button to enter into DFU mode.


Note: This steps is necessary or else the program won't be able to fix the issue prominently.


Step 3 Download iOS Firmware

On the next screen, you will be asked to fill in the information about your device such as model number, iOS version and so on. Simply input those information correctly and click on "Download" to download the latest firmware for your device. Downloading process takes several minutes. It is recommended to have a strong and stable internet connection to avoid any kind of disturbance.


Select Firmware for Your Device



Step 4 Get Frozen iPhone/iPad/iPod Fixed

iOS System Recovery software will automatically start the repairing process after iOS system image being downlaoded. Now, you should be able to use your device as normal.


fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode


In this article, we have mentioned how to fix the frozen and unresponsive issue on Apple iPhone or iPad. We also showed how to use iOS System Recovery program to fix the issue smoothly. It is suggested never to use untrusted apps or run out of storage space on your device to avoid these kind of issues. MobilediciOS system recovery is totally free to try but you may have to pay a small onetime fee to resolve any issue, visit the official website to obtain more information. Thanks for reading this article and subscribe for more.

Windows version
Mac version



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