How to Fix iPhone/iPad Stuck in DFU Mode without Restore

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"My iPhone 6 was stuck in DFU mode and tried many means to get out of it. However, all of them failed. What is the safest and fastest way to fix this issue without losing any data? " An user asked me about this problem a few days ago.


So, Why My iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode?

DFU is the short form and abbreviation for Device Firmware Update mode. In short, DFU is a mode that helps to connect with iTunes without loading the operating system or boot loader on your iPhone or iPad. Usually, DFU mode is used when you try to jailbreak or upgrade the iOS version on your device or unlock the SIM card to enable the network service on your iPhone. During this mode, the device will remain black and no app will be loaded whatsoever. Furthermore, the touchscreen will be disabled as well.


Typically, if you are using your device in DFU mode then it's not tough to exit from it. You simply need to restart the iPhone or iPad and it should load the iOS normally and you can access your phone without any problem. But in many occasions, you may come upon that the device is stuck on the DFU mode. There's nothing you can do to fix this issue and it will remain stuck on DFU mode and you will find that the device is totally frozen.

Luckily, there are two ways to get out of DFU mode in this situation. In this guide, we will offer some tips and tricks to get your iPhone or iPad back to normal again, just like before you got into this trouble.


Method 1: Get out of DFU Mode on iPhone/iPad with iTunes

This part will require to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. The trick is pretty simple and you should be able to perform it without any hustle.


Step 1: Launch iTunes from computer and connect your iPhone or iPad to computer using a USB data cable.


Step 2: Let iTunes detect your device automatically and it will display your iPhone or iPad on the main interface of iTunes app.


Step 3: Press and hold "Power" & "Sleep" button together for about 10 seconds and as soon the light appears on the device screen, release the sleep button while keep holding the Power button.


fix iPhone in dfu mode with iTunes restore

Step 4: Your device will restart automatically and it should turn on normally like before.


In many cases, this trick may not work and it requires an active iTunes account to work smoothly. If this method doesn't work then don't lose hope, we still have one trick up our sleeves that easily fix this issue.

Method 2: How to Exit DFU Mode from iPhone/iPad With iOS Data Recovery

Mobiledic iOS System Recovery is an all-in-one solution to all iOS related problems such as stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo that may occur in your iPhone,iPad , iPod. Whether your device behaves abnormally or frozen all of a sudden or it completely shows black and white screen, it can resolve issues like that within a blink of an eye.


Moreover, if your iPhone or iPad is stuck on DFU mode then it can be easily fixed using this program. We know, it is too good to be true but you will get exactly what we mention. Let us demonstrate and show how to use this program to get your iPhone/iPad out of the stuck DFU mode. It can't cause any data loss while repairing the operating system of your iOS device.

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Mac version
Mobiledic - iOS System Recovery
  • Fix all kind of iOS system issues like stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, reboot endlessly etc.
  • Protect your valuable data on the device and no date being deleted after repair.
  • Support all the iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod .


Step 1 Launch Mobiledic iOS System Recovery

Download and install the program on your computer. Next, start the software to see the main interface of the tool and get started to fix the issue with your device.


get out of recovery mode



Step 2 Connect iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone/iPad to PC via USB data cable and let the software detect your device automatically. It may take some time if you are connecting your device for the first time. Click on "System Recovery" and soon your phone is recognized, click on "Start" to continue the operation.


Step 3 Download iOS Firmware

The program will automatically detect the DFU mode on your device and will let your select the firmware of your device. Fill in the details appropriately and click on "Download" to start downloading the latest firmware for your device. This may take several minutes since these files are larger in size. So, a stable internet connection is recommended.


Select Firmware for Your Device



Step 4 Get Out or Exit DFU Mode on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Mobiledic iOS System Recovery attempts to repair your iPhone or iPad instantly when the downloading process is finished and you will be able to see the following screen indicating the repairing operating is taking place. It is important that you keep your device connected with the computer to avoid any disruption.


fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode


After the repairing is finished, your device will restarted automatically and it should work normally this time. You can sit back and relax in peace.


Wrapping up

Although, if your device is stuck in DFU mode then it can be really very frustrating and exasperating but in this tutorial, we have shared few valuable tricks to fix this issue without any dilemma and complication. iOS System Recovery is a well-known tool to fix any iOS related dispute. Simply use the same procedure every time your iPhone or iPad works abnormally and it should resolve the issue instantly.

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