How to Fix iPhone 7/6S/6/5S Stuck on Apple Logo

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iPhone has become a trend in today's life. However, there are times when the iPhone suffers from some technical glitch. One such common thing that many users suffered is when the iPhone seems to get stuck on Apple logo during startup and adamantly refuses to continue to past it or stuck in recovery mode.


There are a couple of reasons that will cause this problem on iPhone. It might be software issue or hardware malfunction. The quickest solution is to hard reset the device by pressing Home and Power button for about 1 minute. However, if this doesn't work, then there are alternative ways to get it fixed with the following suggestions.


Part 1: Fix iPhone Frozen on Apple Logo by Restoring iPhone from iTunes

When the iPhone gets stuck in the white Apple logo or sometimes in recovery mode, the first usual and general thing to be considered is an iTunes restore. It is advisable to make sure you already backed up the iPhone, as restoring will cause data lost on iPhone . If you are not sure about it, then go to Part 2 instead.


How to Restore iPhone with iTunes: First, connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. Then, launch iTunes app on your computer. A few seconds later, there is an iPhone icon shown on the upper left corner. Click on it and you will see a "Restore iPhone" option on the screen. Click on it and a warning message pops up. Choose "Back up" and click "Restore and Update". By doing this, the iPhone will be restored to factory resetting and the newest iOS software will be installed.


fix iPhone in recovery mode with iTunes restore


This method may only work on certain types of iPhones. So if the problem still exists, them keep reading and move to Part 2.


Part 2: Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo by Using iOS System Repair Software

In this part, we are going to introduce a newly system repair software called iOS System Recovery. It can fix all kinds of iOS system problems and get the device restored back to normal. In addition to that, the program is super easy to operate for all levels of users and it would only take less than 10 minutes to fix the problem without losing any data on iPhone.

Windows version
Mac version
Mobiledic - iOS System Recovery
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Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery and Connect iPhone to Computer

Download and install the program on a PC or Mac computer. Then open the program and click on More Tools at left sidebar. Choose "iOS System Recovery" from the main window.


Connect iPhone to the computer with the USB cable and once the program detects the iPhone, click "Start" button to start system repairing process.


get out of recovery mode



Step 2 Download iOS System Firmware

In order to fix the abnormal OS, one needs to download the firmware for the iOS device first. You can see the device name on the screen and there is a drop-down list you can choose. Select one from the list and click "Download" button to save the file to computer. This is the step that takes time, as the file is around 1GB.


Select Firmware for Your Device



Step 3 Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod Stuck on Apple Logo

After the completion of the download, the program starts repairing the device automatically. In a few minutes, the device will be back to normal mode if everything goes well. You can see a message on the screen that the problem was fixed.


fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode


Usually, the first thing that one does when their iPhone gets stuck on the apple logo is to restart the iPhone. This is the simplest approach. It only costs a few seconds to the user waiting for the phone to start up but it has been seen in most cases that this doesn't help with the issue.


As compared to iTunes restore or other methods that are used to fix the iOS system problem, iOS System Recovery is absolutely no risk of losing data and settings on the iPhone. The process is very easy and user-friendly. All that is required to be done is just getting the device connected and go ahead with few clicks. The whole process will be done within a few minutes. Apart from the fact, that iOS System Recovery saves time; it also ensures that nothing that was on the device is damaged. This is the biggest advantage of iOS System Recovery. There are also other user functions like iOS data recovery, erase priviate data on iPhone or backup & restore iPhone. It definitely worts a try!

Windows version
Mac version



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