How to Completely Delete Call History on iPhone 7/6S/6/5S

Posted by on May.16, 2017.

The Phone app on iPhone keep records of every phone calls including received and outgoing calls, missed calls and favorite contacts - all in one beneficial location. Not to mention that the contact list contains the most critical information stored in your iPhone and if anyone could gain access to this list then they can steal all the important data from your phone and may misuse them for criminal activities or sell it to some call center companies that may spam your phone egregiously.


Clearing call history regularly should be in everyone's list. Not deleting call history might be a lethal mistake that anyone could make. If you think that simply erasing these contacts from your phone app manually is enough then you are in erroneous. Deleting any contact will only make it disappear for you but the links are never really deleted, so these deleted contacts can be easily restored using any competent data recovery tool. So, if you are planning to sell or donate your iPhone to any strange person then you must find a permanent solution to this issue.


In this short article, we will show you how to delete call history on iPhone both temporarily and permanently. But if you are getting rid of your iPhone then you must implement the permanent solution and if you are using the iPhone personally then you can opt for the temporary solution.


Part 1: How to Delete a Single Entry of Call History on iPhone

There are two ways to delete call history on iPhone by using the default delete option. This part is mainly useful when you want to delete an individual call log while keeping the entire call history list.


Step 1: Open Phone app and find the number that you wish to delete from "Recents " tab.


Step 2: Tap and hold on the number and select the "Delete" button to remove the call log from your iPhone.


iphone call history app


Part 2: How to Delete a Multiple Entries of Call History on iPhone

If you want to delete multiple calls from the call log entries then you can select them all and remove them together at once.


Step 1: Open Phone app and tap on "All" to select the entire call log entries.


Step 2: If you want to remove all of them then you may click on "clear" and it will erase the entire list but if you want to keep some of them then keep taping on the "minus" icon to retain the numbers that you want to abstain.


Step 3: Finally, click on "clear" to remove the selected call log entries of your choice.


remove call history on iphone



The above solution is only useful if you are using the iPhone personally. But if you are selling or giving away the iPhone to another unknown individual then the above solution is not recommended. The call history being deleted can be easily recovered with professional data recovery software. You definitely don't want your personal data being seen by someone else, right? Need proof? Here goes the scanning result of iOS Data Recovery:


recover call history on iphone



Part 3: How to Permanently Delete iPhone Call History without Recovery

You should use an efficient call history erasing tool to remove the entire call history on iPhone permanently so that no one can recover the deleted call logs ever. In this guide, we will be using Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser to delete the entire call history forever.


Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser is the best program to delete all sensitive data from your iPhone. This tool offers the most essential and extensive erasing mode to make sure the deleted call history never be recovered by using any data recovery software. You can either delete the current data or you can remove the previously deleted data that is removed using basic deletion method. You can also remove any kind of data (such as messages, photos, contacts) but in this article we will demonstrate how to use this tool to erase call history. You can also free up more space with the tool.


Supported Types of Files: SMS, contacts, photos, videos, emails, account info, passwords, etc.

Supported Device: iPhone 7/7 Plus, Phone SE, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone 6/5/4S.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Install and Run Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser

Launch Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser on your computer and connect the iPhone to computer and let the program detect your iPhone automatically.


Connect Your iPhone to A Computer


Step 2 Choose File Erasing Mode

There are four deletion modes available in this software, so you should choose the wiping mode according to your need. If you planned only to delete the current call history then you should choose "Erase Private Data " and if you want to delete the previously deleted call history then you should select "Erase Deleted Files".


Choose A Erasing Option You Need


Step 3 Scan and Delete Call History from iPhone

Select "Call History" from the deleted data options and click on "Erase Now". The program will start erasing call logs automatically and will remove all call entries from the iPhone permanently.


Scan All Content on Your Device


That's all. You may now check your iPhone to find out that all call history is permanently erased and you may scan your entire iPhone with any data recovery software to verify they are not recoverable at all.


Delete Contacts Permanently



Although, we shared how to delete call history on iPhone permanently using Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser but you can use the same program to erase messages, photos, browsing history, notes, contact, chats and other private and sensitive data from your iPhone – all in one solution with a single software. If you run into any trouble with this tool then you may contact the support to receive immediate assistant regarding any issue.

Windows version
Mac version



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