How to Completely Delete Contacts from iPhone without Recovery

Posted by on Aug.06, 2016.

Most iPhone users always want to the latest model due to the added applications and added features as compared to the predecessor. Once in every few months, a new model phone is introduced by Apple and there are people, who rush to the market to buy the phone. They do this even when the phone that they presently use is working fine. When it comes to selling of the old iPhone, one issue that is faced by most of owners is that they are not sure whether the factory reset they did, has completely erased the contacts from their old iPhone that they wish to sell out.


Deleting Contacts Isn't Far Enough and Secure - Still Recoverable

Their doubt is right, even after factory setting or perform deletion operation, In fact, most of us don't know that the simple deleted data can be easily recovered by some recovery programs. The principle is pretty simple, when you delete contacts or perform factory reset, the contacts or other data isn't really erased – it continues existing on your drive of iPhone, until iOS system actually writes new data over the sectors containing the contents of the file. But whatever the case your sensitive files can be recovered.


So, it will be possible to retrieve 'already deleted' contacts from iPhone and when your iPhone gets to the hands of illegal people, there are greater chances of identity theft and there are also many other risks involved. Here comes the question how to completely delete contacts from the old iPhone? This is possible with the help of Mobiledic iPhone Data Eraser application.


You Also Have To Erase It

Mobiledic iPhone Eraser program,  is a software-based method of completely erasing the everything from iDevice's disk storage system. It wipes the disk using the one of predefined advanced algorithms and overwriting a new, random meaningless data to the disk with multiple times. Deeply scan your already deleted data and Completely destroy them. It can work with any version of any OS and devices, makes owner of the iPhone feel confident about irrecoverability of contacts. This is an ideal data wiping software that ensures your personal information like contacts is securely removed from iPhone device.


Supported Types of Files: text messages, contacts, whatsapp chat, photos, videos, emails, account info, passwords, etc.

Supported Device: iPhone Se, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, 5, 4. iPad and iPod


Download the trail version and give it a try.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Delete Contacts from iPhone Permanently


First of all, select the contacts you want to delete on your iPhone, then press "delete" button. It was gone, right? No, the deleted contacts still remain on your device. Continuing reading.


Delete Contacts from iPhone



Step 1 Install, Run Program, and Connect Your iPhone to A Computer

First of all, click the download button above and install it on your computer, then launch it. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable and you can see your iPhone will be detected by the program automatically. Look, there are five features integrated in it. Once the connection is successful, phone's storage will be displayed on the left side of the window.


Connect Your iPhone to A Computer


Step 2 Choose A Erasing Option You Need

As we said the deleted data can be easily scanned out, here, we should choose the "Erase deleted files" option in the primary window. click "Start" to analyzing and scanning the data on your device.


Choose A Erasing Option You Need


Step 3 Start Deeply Scan All Content on Your Device

The program will deeplys can all the deleted contacts and other files on your iPhone device, it may take some time based on the size of your data. Don't disconnect your iPhone.


Scan All Content on Your Device


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Step 4 Preview, Select and Start to Delete Contacts Permanently

As you can see, all of your deleted contacts and other data are scanned and displayed on the side. You can directly click to preview them and select the content you need to completely delete. Then, click on the lower right corner of the "Erase Now".

Type "delete" to confirm your action on a pop up window.


Delete Contacts Permanently


After the process, your device will become a totally new one and you can resell, donate or just give away your iPhone in a safe way. Not to worry, you are ensured that the data deleted will never be recovered.


Prevention is better than correction and so rather than worrying about data theft in the future, just take the right steps to get rid of the data from your old phone before selling. Just enjoy the features of iPhone Eraser application and do not let your contacts reach unauthorized people.

Windows version
Mac version



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