How to Completely Delete Messages on iPhone before Selling

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At some point in life, one might need to change his device by acquiring a new one. The old device in most cases will have personal information such as contacts, messages, photos among other information that is capable of being stored in a iPhone device. No one would wish to have this information seen by the next owner of the device or any other person who may come into contact with the device. It is therefore wise to have the text messages erased from the device completely so that it does not land in the hands of an unintended person.


Failure to have the data permanently deleted can be damaging especially with the rise in use of the internet which can see the personal information circulated through the online platforms such as the social media sites. It can also result to the owner of the information becoming a victim of cybercrime which has been on the rise in the recent past. And don't trust that simple deletion will completely delete text messages on iPhone. The manual deleting of data from a device does not protect the data from being recovered through the use of right tools.


With the challenges listed above posing a threat to iPhone users who want to dispose, sell or donate their devices, Mobiledic iPhone Data Eraser is the best software to have private data in your device completely erased. The software is compatible with various devices such as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This program ensures that the information once deleted cannot be traced even with the use of data recovery software.

Windows version
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Tutorial: How to Erase Messages from iPhone without Recovery

Step 1 Free Download and Install Program, and Connect Your iPhone to PC

First of all, you need to download and install this iPhone Data Eraser program on your computer (Windows and mac are available now), then launch it. And connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable, if this is your first time you connect your device to PC, you need to first trust this computer.


Main panel of iOS safe wiper


Step 2 Select the Right Erasing Mode

As you can see in the program there five modes for your choice, here we highly suggest you select the option "Erase Private Data " to deeply scan all data on the phone. You may be surprised by the scanning result.


Erase deleted files fro iOS


Step 3 Start to Scan Private Data on Your Device

After you select the option, then program will deeply scan lost data on your device and scanning process will take several minutes based on the data size of your iPhone. You can also stop the scanning process.


Start to Analyze Your iPhone



Step 4 Preview and Start Erasing Messages on iPhone

After the scanning process is finished, all the deleted messages and other data will be scanned out and listed in a well-organized catalogues, you can click to preview them.


Note: This program supports to scan all your deleted file, but can't allow you to retrieve them, if you need to recover your deleted messages on iPhone, please used Mobiledic iOS Data Recovery instead.


Select the Messages and Start the Erasing Process

Normally the program will choose them all, but you can tick the box of the file type to select the messages and start to erase data by click "Erase Now" button. This will 100% permanently smash your messages or other data and this operation is not recoverable.


data wiped


As you can see, that's very easy and safe to completely erase text messages on iPhone, and can not be recovered. With the risks that come along with non-protection of personal data, it is therefore wise to have Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser which offers the guarantee that the data is completely erased and no device or software has the capability of retrieving the same. The cleanup ensures that the device has no traces of the former owner and the new owner can start operating it without coming into contact with the former owner's private information.


This program also ensures that all the transaction conducted through the device such as money transfer or emails are safely deleted from the device. It is therefore the recommended way to have the data erased from the device before any form of transfer to ensure the safeguard of the private data in the phone.

Windows version
Mac version



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