How to Erase iPhone Data Permanently before Selling

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According to an online survey conducted by CNET, a large portion of iPhone users will buy the latest iPhone each year and trade the old one to someone else. It's a great experience with the new iPhone but there are things you should pay attention to when selling your old iPhone. The first and most important thing is to ease the whole device so that no one could get a single piece of information from it. Just think about the fact that you have stored a lot of personal information on the phone since you have it. Things like contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music, and other personal files, they can all be found in the memory of your phone. Practically, anyone who will have the phone will be able to access them.


A manual deletion is not enough to ensure the security because there are a couple of programs that can recover deleted data from iPhone. In fact, 4 out of 10 iPhone users has to face this unfortunate issues. So this is not a matter that should be taken lightly. You need professional software to erase data from your iPhone for good without the possibility of being recovered later on, something like iPhone Data Eraser. This program was developed solely on the purpose of permanently deleting content and settings on any iOS device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. The data being erased by this program will never be recovered as it incorporates military-level standard to destroy digital data. Besides this, you can also use this program to delete junk files, compress photos or removing Internet activities.

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Guide: How to Wipe an iPhone Completely before Selling

Step 1 Download and Open iPhone Data Eraser

The first step is to download and install the program on your computer. Currently, there are two versions of iPhone Data Eraser. One is for Windows-based PCs and the other is for Mac computers. You need to pay attention to the download button and make sure download the right version. After installation, kindly launch the program either from desktop shortcuts or start menu.


iPhone Data Wiper


Step 2 Attach iPhone to Computer

You will be asked to connect the iPhone to the computer when the program was opened. This can be done with USB cable. Please wait a minute to let the program detect your device. Once iPhone was well connected, the device name will be displayed on the program along with other information.


Step 3 Select Data Erasing Mode for iPhone

As we stated above, this program is full-featured data erasing program for iOS devices. There are different erasing modes within the program. Because we need to erase the entire iPhone so select 'Erase All Data' from the options listed on the primary window. You can move the mouse on the icon to choose other erasing modes.


confirm erasing



Step 4 Start Erasing All Data from iPhone

All your data will be erased permanently in this step, so you need to be very sure for this operation. Enter ‘delete' to confirm that you are 100% sure to wipe this iPhone. After that, iPhone Data Eraser starts to delete all the content and settings with built-in algorithms. This process will take a while and a completed screen will be shown when it was done.


deleting data on iphone


Don't allow yourself to be a victim of personal data and identity theft. To your surprise, you should know they are people that prefer buying used phones, just because they know that there is a high possibility of finding all sort of personal data on them, which they can use to your detriment. Technology evolution is beneficial, making our lives more comfortable, but it also influenced the appearance of this negative side, where criminals try to make an easy earning on your back. Stay safe and have some peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is protected, even if you want to sell your iPhone.


As you were able to see, using iPhone Data Eraser is not complicated, all you have to do is to follow each of the previously mentioned steps. This way, everything you stored will be forever gone. Still, if you want to save anything from your old phone, do check out the data transfer procedure between different phones.

Windows version
Mac version



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