How to Permanently Erase iPhone Photos before Selling

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With a powerful and high-resolution camera, taking photos has been one of most frequently used features from iPhone. However, for low volume iPhone, it brings up a problem when there were too many photos stored on the iPhone. The storage would be in short because photos are eating space sharply. Besides, it also affects the overall performance. So we need to clean up photo gallery sometime s to make the device runs faster. In addition, there are times when you are either strapped for cash or need to trade in your phone for something different. At times like these, there arises the question of data security within the old phone that you want to sell. Giving up your iPhone, especially if it contained sensitive data like personal photos thus becomes a risky endeavor. Merely deleting the photos by tapping delete button does not serve the purpose of completely deletion. The deleted photos can be easily access with data recovery programs.


In such cases, iPhone Data Eraser comes in handy, as it's able to delete photos and other data completely. Even the phone fell into the hands of FBI agents, they still couldn't get a single piece of information from the device because the program utilizes patent protected algorithms to destroy the data permanently. It will overwrite a random set of digits to the space where the photos occupies. So there is no chance to retrieve deleted photos with all the means available.

Mobiledic - iPhone Eraser
  • Deeply scan and completely destroy your private data and "already deleted" data on iPhone.
  • Boost all performance by clearing caches and junk files.
  • Erase all content and settings on iPhone before selling.
  • Free up more space on iPhone by compressing photos without losing quality. .


Directly download the trail version to try to delete photos on iPhone all by yourself.

Windows version
Mac version

Guide: How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone before Selling

Step 1 Download and Install iPhone Data Eraser

Windows and Mac OS X are the most widely used computer operating systems on the world. Luckily, you can download and install this program on a Windows PC or Mac computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.


iPhone Data Wiper


Step 2 Connect iPhone to Computer

Open iPhone Data Eraser after installation. Then you will be asked to connect iPhone to the computer. Plug the phone to computer with USB cable. The program will detect the iPhone a few second later and display details about the storage information.


erase private photos


Step 3 Select ' Erase Private Data ' from Startup Window

Currently, there are 4 data erasing modes offered by iPhone Data Eraser. Each servers on different purposes. For example, iOS Optimizer is suitable for booting the performance and Space Saver is an efficient mechanism to free up storage on iPhone. To bulk delete or erase photos from iPhone, we need to choose 'Erase Private Data', which is designed for wiping data by category.


confirm deletion



Step 4 Start Erasing Photos from iPhone

After clicking the icon, the program starts to scan all the private data stored on the iPhone, such as photos, messages, contacts, notes, call history, etc. This takes a while for scanning. Please be seated and wait for the completion. After that, all scanned data will be listed in different categories. Check the Photos option from left sidebar and click 'Erase Now' and type 'delete' for confirmation. Than all selected photos will be permanently deleted.


Delete Content Permanently


Some of the data that has been deleted can still be recoverable through some software, and iPhone Data Eraser prevents this by allowing the opportunity to delete them permanently. This is the best tool for the purpose of cleaning photos for iPhone. It works in such a simple way that even if the next recipient were smart enough, it's a totally waste of time for retrieving any file from the device. What you have to do is to download the iPhone Data Eraser for your preferred computer operating system and let it work its magic.


Once the software has done its thing, and then all private information that is in your iPhone will be gone forever. So the next time you are considering offloading your iPhone for some cash, just get a copy of the software and clear out the photos that populate the phones memory. With this software by your side then the information that you perceive as sensitive will be completely erased from your device, and the phone once sold can never be drained for information and misused. iPhone Data Eraser serves more than just the simple purpose of deleting the photos from your iPhone permanently; it can also be used to delete any other sensitive information .


Windows version
Mac version



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