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The latest iPad has become very popular device among the tech-savvy users in the present age. It is really useful gadget to do something like web browsing, gaming, reading, even office work. You perhaps know that iPad and all other similar devices take much time for downloading apps or games. But, to delete them, it takes only a few seconds. To say truly, your data is not deleted completely, after you have clicked on delete option. The file only turns out to be invisible. It may be recovered with some alternative tool.



Part 1: The Fact about Deleting Data on iPad

All items or files on iPad are stored in digital format. Technically speaking, the deleted data is only hidden from seeing once it was deleted. Unless there is new data overwriting it, or the data is still on your iPad and can be recovered with iOS data recovery software. This would be very dangerous if the device fell into the wrong hands. Here is a screenshot of the data being recovered on a testing iPhone 6:



From the above picture, you can see all kinds of deleted data (in red color) being scanned by the program. This scared me a lot once I found the fact. So a single deletion is absolutely no safe to erase data on iPad.


Part 2: Doubts on "Erase All Content And Settings" for iPad

So you may be wondering how about the erasing option offered by Apple? Erase All Content and Settings is the default way on iPad for data wiping. It only rewrites the drive once so it is still possible to recover data on the device with more sophisticated tools. Did you recall the recent news that FBI was able to pull data from a factory reset iPhone to collect criminal evidence?



Also, according to a CNET report, a single restore is not enough to wipe private data on the iOS device. If the data was less important, then you can simply do a factory reset with the default option. However, if you are concerned about the privacy, then it is highly recommended to use advanced tools to completely erase all sensitive data on iPad.

Part 3: Permanently Erase iPad without Zero Recovery Possibility

When you are planning to sell your old iPad to someone, the new owner may restore your files with third party software. And your private data can get leaked. That is why you have to choose a data erasing app, which is intended to wipe data permanently.


Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser is an effective tool to erase your iPad files in order to protect your privacy. It utilizes the highest military standard to wipe existing data on iPad. After removing all the files from device with this software, no one can recover a single piece of information from the device. Your private data is under safe place; even FBI agents can't get any thing from it. With a few clicks, the tasks can be completed in minutes. Plus, there are also useful features to help you remove junk/tmp files, which frees up a lot of space on the device and the performance will be increased after cleaning.


Supported Device: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Completely Erase iPad with iOS Data Eraser

Step 1 Install and Open iOS Data Eraser on a PC or Mac

Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser is able to run on Windows PC or Mac computer. Please download the correct version and install it on a computer by following the default instructions. Then open the program and connect your iPad to computer with USB cable. A few seconds later, a brief piece of information of the device will be shown on the home screen.


Connect Your iPad to A Computer


Step 2 Select A Proper Data Erasing Mode

On the main window, you should note that there are mainly four options for erasing data. You can simply erase the whole device, compress photos, and selectively wipe deleted data or private data. If you prepared to sell the iPad, then "Erase All Data" is recommended. Move your mouse on the options and select "Erase All Data".


The data will be wiped permanently with this program, so before taking any actions, you should confirm that you are sure to erase the device by typing "delete" in the text field.


iPad Data Wiper


Step 3 Scan iPad and Start Easing All Data on iPad

There are 3 data erasing levels you can choose to delete the data on iPad. The low level method will write random digits such as zero to overwrite the existing data. This is the fastest among them and it is secure enough. If you want more secure ways, then you can go with medium level or high level, which will take much longer to complete the task.


confirm erasing


You may select any of the three levels according to your need. Once it is done, the program will start scanning your iPad and overwrite data to the device with desired algorithms. It usually takes 10 – 20 minutes to permanently erase the iPad. During the process, iPad will be rebooted. This is a normal. Please don't worry about it.


Delete Contacts Permanently



With iOS Data Eraser, you can erase data individually, such as contacts, photos, sms, browser history. This is a quite effective mechanism to protect your personal data. The compress photo features will save you a lot of free storage on iPad once you did it.


There are so much important information on our iPad and we can't afford to get them hacked by criminals. When you plan to sell or exchange for a new device, it is very necessary to wipe the device thoroughly no matter which method you will take.

Windows version
Mac version



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